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Our program is virtually identical from location to location. The indoor activities are the same and there are only minor differences in the outdoor activities depending on the physical layout of each school campus. At the warmer sites, we do offer water activities more often. Our little San Franciscans don’t seem to miss getting wet.
Steve, our in-house human calculator, has developed a proprietary system to accurately predict our average daily attendance. We build a cushion into our projections to ensure that we have more than enough staff and equipment on hand. In 36 years, Steve has never been wrong.
Campers are free to choose their activities throughout the day, literally on a minute-to-minute basis. We have counselors supervising all of the common areas at camp, so campers can move freely and safely between the activities. Campers get support in choosing activities from their Huddles and all of the staff. Camp is like an ant colony–everyone always knows exactly where they’re going.
For safety and security, all of the activities we offer are on-site. We prefer to bring in the action with our Weekly and Show Specials. Weekly Specials include giant inflatables, climbing walls and more.
Nope. If you have at least one prepaid Day Pass per child in your account, you are guaranteed the space at camp and can show up whenever it works for you. It’s been this way for all 36 years of camp.

Daily game plan

* Please check back in the new year for updates

9:30 Kick-Off – The whole camp gets together to kick-off the day as a community.

9:45-12:00 Main Activities – Campers choose from the full range of activities including our five studios, lounge, rec specials, water activities, and sports. They are free to move between activities.

12:00-12:30 Lunch – Campers come together to connect and feast, featuring several options each day.

12:30-1:00 All-Camp Games – Campers participate in a variety of high-energy indoor and outdoor games.

1:00-1:30 Steve & Kate’s Camper Showcase – A celebration of camper creativity and stories! Everyone gathers to watch fellow campers exhibit their work on the big screen. We also screen original content meant to inspire kids to dream big.

1:30-3:30 Main Activities – Campers once again choose from a full range of activities including our five studios, rec specials, water activities, and sports. They are free to move between activities.

3:30-3:45 Game Show – The whole camp gets together to play Antler’s Up, the Steve & Kate’s game show for prizes. On Fridays, we also do Pie Throwing right after Antler’s Up.

3:45-6:00 Play – Campers get back to play in the Lounge and Interactive Game Room or cruise outside to play ball games or go on one of our Rec Specials.

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