Staff hosting

Do you want your family to experience other cultures? Or maybe you have an extra space that you’d like to rent out for the summer? This summer we’re hoping to connect international and non-local staff who are working at Steve & Kate’s Camp with families that have expressed interest in hosting and have extra space.

Hosts don’t have to be camp families and the hosting requirements are very flexible and 100% determined by your needs and expectations; you will have final say regarding who you host, your financial expectations (if any), house rules, and how much personal contact you want with the individual you decide to host. Perhaps you want to have a family dinner with the guest every evening or maybe you’d prefer a more formal arrangement. The decision is yours.

The process

If you complete the form that’s linked to below, we will share your information and preferences with international and non-local staff members who are interested in being hosted by a local family. After sharing your information, including contact details, we step aside and let the staff member reach out directly so you both can determine if it’s a good match and hammer out the details.

We hire people from all around the world each summer and they work at various camps across the US, but the spread isn’t always even. One location may have a bunch of international staff/non-local and another may have none so, for each willing host, there may not be a staff member in need of hosting.

Become a host

Please follow this link and complete the form to be placed on our list of hosts.

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Hosting FAQs

You have 100% say in who stays with you so, after filling out the form, you don't have to accept any requests if you don't want to. Also, if you change your mind or your place is no longer available, just email and ask to be removed from the list of hosts.
Each arrangement is different, depending on the needs of the host and counselor. As a host, you get to set the terms. If a counselor sees your information on the host list and reaches out to you, you can come up with a mutually agreeable arrangement for both parties. These can cover whatever you think is necessary.
Our staff normally work the entire summer and that is especially true of our international staff. The dates of camps near you can be found at This might give you a better sense of the dates that staff members will be interested in being hosted by you. Having said this, if a counselor reaches out to you who is interested in just staying for a month then that's fine too. You are entirely in control of the terms of the agreement and what is covered in the agreement.
It would likely be the same person. Our staff normally work the entire summer and that is especially true of our international staff.
You have 100% say in who stays with you. Once a counselor reaches out to you, you can do whatever vetting you need to do and make the decision then.
It varies, but they are normally college students ages 18-23.
Some might. We suggest that international staff rent cars if they want the flexibility that that affords, but transportation is not provided by Steve & Kate's Camp and it is not a necessity to work at the camp.
This is totally up to you and you can set expectations by completing that question in the form. Hosts who have expressed interest have varied from those who want a formal rental agreement akin to a normal apartment rental to those who will want to eat dinner with the counselor every evening and invite them on weekend trips. Again, it is entirely up to you.