Inspire the next generation of filmmakers

Combine your passion for film and interest in working with children at a day camp that encourages self-directed learning. We’ll give you top-notch filming equipment and you’ll team up with curious campers to create weekly episodes – dubbed ChickenVision. Under your expert guidance, campers lead each stage of production, from generating ideas to crafting storyboards to shooting and editing. Together you’ll explore an array of film styles–Bollywood musical? Film noir? Harlem Shake Part Deux? Infomercial?–and get pumped to share the final products at our weekly Camper Showcase. Your best work may even take a national tour through our sites across CA, WA, and IL. While the campers will be integral to the experience, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the sound is clear, the filming is crisp, and the final products are coherent. We’re looking for someone who… Has experience in filmmaking and is open to exploring new styles. We don’t mind if you use Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Elements, or your own software, so long as you are efficient and adept at using your program of choice. And you can turn around videos quickly. You enjoy working with children, are energetic, and can’t wait to find out why we’ve chosen the name ChickenVision. About Us… We’re the people who introduced individualized learning in a summer camp setting, pioneered flexible enrollment and automatic refunds and implemented technology so aggressively that Apple featured us on their website. We’ve been around for 33 years but it wasn’t until the 26-year marker that we decided to grow. We’re just getting warmed up. Our philosophy and approach is what has set us apart from other camps since 1980. Take a close look on our website at

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