The Surest Path Towards Thriving Is If Kids Are Driving

At Steve & Kate’s, we’ve always believed in following kids’ compasses. Now, our philosophy of self-direction feels even more vital. The surest path towards thriving is if kids are driving. We create space for them to act on their judgments and fuel their sense of self, so they can develop the confidence to adapt, leap and lead. We invest in kids’ boundless capability and credibility. They - and our world - will be better for it.

We can’t say exactly what days at camp will look like, where they’ll lead, or what campers will wind up whipping up, but one thing’s for sure: kids are in control.

Their Day, Their Way

Campers have license to navigate, re-route or change lanes, and set their preferred pace. In the early morning and late afternoon, campers ramp up and wind down with choices in The Library, The Arcade, Recreation, and more. As the day unfolds more activities are added to the mix; they’re free to determine wherever across camp they’d like to explore: The Media Lab, Sewing Salon, Blocktopolis, The Bakery, Crochet Corner, and again, more. Campers select their own activities and how much time they spend at a given location, whether they detour for a snack pit-stop at The Market, a whirl on a Weekly Special, a spot of sports, or a moment of idling with a book in The Library. The Express Lane version: minute to minute, kids decide what they do, where they do it, and when they’re done.

We don’t attempt to prescribe kids’ tastes or turns. An open road allows young motoring minds to test guts, hone instincts, and develop trust in their decisions and vision.

The Sewing Salon

The Media Lab

Weekly Specials

The Bakery


The Arcade

The Card Cave

The Drawing Room

RC Raceway

The Scrap Heap

Karaoke Club

Crochet Corner

The Sports Section

Water Works

The Library

The Gaga Pit

Antlers Up

The Rec Department

Find Chuckie

Pie Throwing

Daily Specials