Kids Set The Schedule

At camp, our agenda reads less is more

We’re redecorating our day-to-day lineup with a fresh coat of white space: fewer transitions, interruptions, and barriers. With rolling hours at The Market, more activities to choose from, and spaces that stay open for longer, we aim to ensure most moments at camp are spent meaningfully and me-fully for kiddos. When campers know where they can go to investigate their interests, they can follow their own compass and structure (or restructure) their day to suit their savvy.

We’re still fine-tuning details and specifics of the 2020 Daily Schedule, but until then you can set your clocks and synchronize your watches to Daylight Campers’ Time. And, consider this as a guide:

Daily Game Plan

Explore, play, create, build, dance, splash, zoom, goof it up.
As the day unfolds more activities are added to the mix and
campers are free to determine wherever across camp they’d like to delve in.

Hungry? Stop by The Market
Open nearly all day-long for snacks
Lunch from 11:30am-1pm

For New Campers on their First Day
New Camper Kickoff 9:30am
Rolling Tours starting at 8am