At Steve & Kate’s Camp, Black Lives Matter.

For 40 years, we have been champions of children discovering and expressing their true selves by creating a liberating program that puts them in charge. We remove adult judgment from the equation in order to create an environment where children feel included and safe. We know that this work is ongoing, and we commit to expanding our efforts year-over-year on our endless quest to be a diverse, equitable, and inclusive camp.

In this moment, as much of the country and its people — so many of them young — demand justice and accountability for historic injustice, and challenge us to create true future equality, we must not only say more, we must do more. And we will.

  1. At our Camp, every child, of every skin color, will feel valued.  And every Black Child, Indigenous Child, and Child of Color will know they are safe, understood and celebrated as an individual.
  2. Our team will better reflect our Camp communities.  We will do more recruiting outreach in BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) communities to increase our diversity, and to help make sure that all campers see themselves represented in our staff.
  3. For most of our history, we have offered full and partial scholarships for campers, along with financial aid options. We will do a better, more purposeful job of increasing outreach into communities with BIPOC families in order to make them aware of our Camp and to make attending accessible.
  4. Our toys, apps and program materials will feature faces from all races and cultures. We will be more intentional in our annual donations of end-of-season equipment and, where reasonable, source more equipment and services from Black-owned vendors or local businesses owned by community members.
  5. We will share our progress with you along the way. And you can ask us about the specific steps we are taking to put words into action by contacting us anytime.

The joy, safety, engagement and self-fulfillment we prioritize in our work for and with young people must include everyone. Our Camp will become more diverse and more inclusive. We will not shy away from the uncomfortable or the difficult. We commit ourselves to the absolute cruciality of this statement. And we trust and welcome you to hold us to it.