Steve's Take On Hot Button Issues In 60 Seconds

A camp doesn't end up with a wildly progressive philosophy and an unusually fair business model without a bit of a mad scientist behind it. Steve is that guy. He'll talk your ear off on just about anything, so we challenged him to do just the opposite. He has 60 seconds, or else.

We Believe In Self Directed Learning. So Do These Unbelievable Kids.

We trust kids to choose their own activities, projects, friends, and just about everything else. When kids are in charge of their own learning, incredible things happen. To inspire our own campers, we went out in the world and filmed mini-documentaries of kids who have taken charge of their lives.

Just For A Giggle

While we take our jobs seriously, we don't take ourselves seriously. We like to giggle. A lot. So sometimes we make videos just for a giggle.