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Book a vetted counselor in your home whenever you need one. Counselors will support your entire pod of kids in their respective virtual school offerings, and then lead activities for the rest of the day. And just like at our in-person camps, kids are in charge. Our counselors come equipped with supplies and are ready to play, but ultimately the kids control the agenda.

Counselors bring stuff like: art supplies, a custom animation station, an iPad loaded with multi-media apps, games, cardboard construction supplies, water play, sports equipment, and they'll take kids on adventures in the neighborhood when permitted.

Book as many or few days as you need–there are no minimums. Cancel anytime before 4 pm the weekday before, and we’ll refund or reschedule the day—your call.

How It Works

Pair up, or stick w/ the fam

Feel free to expand your pod up to 5* children (grades K-7) from any number of families when a parent is in the home, and up to 2 families when parents are out and about. How you divvy up costs with the other family is up to you.

Looking for a pod? Let us know! We'll connect you with other local families looking to pair up.

book a counselor online

Browse our counselor bios below to get a feel for our staff, or we can recommend a counselor who fits your needs during booking.

Book a counselor for any number of refundable days, Monday-Friday, by filling out our reservation form below. Your local director will be in touch to confirm your booking.

counselor comes to you

Our counselor shows up at your home for 4 hours or 8 hours (exact times between 8 am and 6 pm are confirmed in the booking process).

They’ll help with distance learning (when relevant), and come equipped to lead play-based activities for the rest of the day.

*For more individualized support in groups where children are from different classes and not following the same curriculum, we recommend starting with less than 5 children in the learning pod. Email us to discuss.

Vetted Counselors

After 40 years of running camp, one thing we have a knack for is finding caring counselors who are ready to roll up their sleeves, play hard and champion kids’ inherent passions. Now, this pool of people is available for families to bring into their homes.

All counselors are background checked and CPR/First Aid Certified as you’d expect. More importantly, they are all hand selected by our experienced camp directors who know how to pick ‘em. They also get ongoing training and support from these same directors. You can read bios and see pictures of our counselors, below.

Build Your Dream Pod

We’re here to help tailor our Counselors At Home program to your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for on-site childcare for your business or school, need coverage for specific times, or just have some unique pod needs, we’d love to know. Reach out to your local director to chat about how we can customize our program to you.   

If you're looking for families to pair up with, we might be able to help. Just fill out the pod form below. If we hear from anyone else in your area with similar interests, we'll connect you!

Safety & Health First

After successfully running in-person camps across the country this past summer, we learned a thing or two about keeping families safe during this pandemic. All our directors and counselors have been trained on COVID regulations and best practices, and follow strict COVID policies and guidelines to ensure the safety of our kids, families, and staff members. 

All counselors will wear masks at all times while with children, and will complete a health screening questionnaire prior to each day of care. Parents will be given priority to rebooking their same counselor, giving families the opportunity to book consistent care to limit total exposure. We also limit the total amount of children any counselor can serve during a two week period of time. For more details, check out our Counselor At Home COVID policies.


Flexible And Fair Pricing

Book any number of days you’d like—there are no minimums. You can even cancel a booking anytime before 4 pm the weekday before, and we’ll refund or reschedule the day—your call. Hours must be booked consecutively between 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays. Both full and half day options cover all materials for children. Additional hours of care may be purchased at $30/hr to help customize our Half Day plan to meet your needs.

Full Day

Covers 8 hours of care and all materials for up to 5 kids


Half Day

Covers 4 hours of care and all materials for up to 5 kids


Available Counselors

Vetted Counselors In Your Area

Read a little about each of our local counselors below. If you'd like to request a specific counselor for your care, please let us know when filling out our reservation form. Alternatively, we would be happy to recommend a counselor for your dates of care, who fits all your family's needs! Either way, families will be given priority to rebook that same counselor for consistent care, whenever possible.


Elizabeth A.

Hiya! I have been working with children in varying capacities for the past 10 years. I have worked as a nanny, assistant teacher, and camp counselor.
My favorite thing about working with children is having the opportunity and the honor to teach them and learn from them. I am passionate about fostering children's growth and have a particular passion for helping them learn about their feelings and how to work through them in healthy ways. My favorite activities are climbing, hiking, camping, etc. Pretty much anything outdoors! I love to teach kids about nature. I spent many years studying geology and continue to read and learn on my own time. I love teaching kids about trees, rocks, etc., as well as helping them understand how they can have a positive impact on the natural world around them. I also enjoy Academics, Active Games (Tag, Dodgeball, etc.), Art, Board Games / Card Games, and Books.

Maria V Headshot

Maria V.

A bit about me: I enjoy Academics, Active Games, Art, Board Games, Card Games, Books, and Sports. I am particularly proud of my ability to get outside of my comfort zone by saying "Yes!" to trying new things-- even when they scare me. An example of a time I did this that I love to share is how I overcame my fear of talking in front of big groups of people when I was in high school. One day I decided to try out for the cheerleading team because I knew it would help me gain the confidence I was missing and even though it was terrifying, I haven't looked back since. I eventually started to lead all of the rallies at my school! I enjoy using this journey as inspiration for the kiddos I have worked with when they too are trying to overcome a fear or are trying something new. I have a year’s worth of nanny experience, have worked as an afterschool rec/academic support leader for elementary aged kids, and have served as an assistant teacher at my church. My favorite thing about working with kids is getting to know them and creating a space where they feel comfortable to just be their authentic selves. The constant laughter isn’t so bad either!

Sophia Solari

Sophia S.

Hi! I've worked as a camp counselor for two summers, as a private tutor, have been babysitting since the moment I was old enough to do so, and recently worked with a pod of preschool aged kids to support with online learning from home. My favorite thing about working with kids is getting an opportunity to witness and encourage their creativity. In my free time I love doing anything active and playing sports. I also play guitar and absolutely love to read!

Start Booking

To book Counselors At Home, please fill out this reservation form and your director will be in touch within one business day to confirm all details. During the reservation process you'll be able to request one of the available counselors listed above. Alternatively, we would be happy to recommend a staff member who fits all your care needs.

Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee booking. Payment will be due once your local director has confirmed all details.

Don't have time to sort out all the details right now, or need some help with your reservation? No worries. Just fill out your basic contact information, and we'll be in touch to help you with the rest.

$320/day covers up to 8 hours of care in your home or office for up to 5 children in K-7th grade, and $200/day covers up to 4 hours of care. If you’re sharing the cost of service with another family, you will need to coordinate reimbursement yourselves.

Please note that a parent must be in the home for bookings with only one child present.

You can cancel free of charge for any reason by contacting your Director by 4pm the weekday prior to service (i.e. Friday for a Monday appointment). After 4pm the weekday prior to an appointment, there will be a $100 cancellation fee on full-day bookings and $50 on half-day bookings in order to pay our Staff for a portion of the missed booking.

With your consent and subject to local restrictions, Counselors are able to take children by foot on walks or trips to public spaces such as parks. In California, counselors may supervise up to 5 kids from two different families without a parent/guardian present.

Still have questions, or are you looking for something a bit different than our standard offering? You can reach out by email or phone to chat with your local Director. If you’re ready to reserve a Counselor, please fill out the reservation form linked below.

Contact Us

Questions & comments? Let us know! We'd love to get to know you and your kiddo(s), and discuss ways that we can tailor our program to you!

Reach out to your Counselor At Home Director, Jess!

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