Lunch Is On Us

When we say you’re welcome to just show up on a camp day, we mean it. All essentials for campers are on the house: water, sunscreen, and yes, even lunch. That includes seconds, if hunger hangs around, along with snacks throughout the day. 

A rolling lunchtime window maximizes kids’ choice and minimizes interruptions in their inspo flow, providing freedom to decide when they’re hungry or when they want to keep crafting, cruising, or crooning. We want campers nourished by time to do (and chew) as they please, space to sit where they want, and choices that cater to their taste buds.

So, What's On The Menu?

A fresh take on our food program: The Market

We wondered: what if kids filled-up on camp, and lunch was a side dish? What if campers had more time to do activities they loved, as well as more say as to when their personal clocks struck lunchtime?

Pizza, salads, and lunch specials* such as pasta and burritos are available to campers in The Market. They have easy-access to a variety to self-select from, including options for those with dietary restrictions. Staff members check campers’ chosen lunches to ensure everyone’s fed and no one walks away with growling tummies (or accidental gluten).

For peckish passers-by, snacks are on hand at The Market as well. Whether it’s midmorning, midday or mid-musical interlude, campers can stop in just about anytime to grab and gobble self-serve whole fruit, yogurt tubes, crackers and a frozen treat.

The Market allows campers to grab n’ go, and then get on with whatever moves and grooves them. It’s self-paced, kid-focused, and a culinary conduit to nibbling and giggling.

*Lunch menus are location specific and can be seen on each location's page.
At this point we are still lining up the options, so there isn’t anything posted quite yet.

Note: If you decide to pack a lunch or additional snacks, please leave out any products containing nuts for the safety of other children who may have severe allergies.