International & Domestic Staff Housing

Want to spend your summer working with kids in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York or DC? Who wouldn’t? Well, maybe someone who doesn’t have a place to live, but that’s where we can help!

Steve & Kate’s Camp (S&K) has a long tradition of hiring international staff and adventure-loving travelers from throughout the US to join our summer teams, and we look forward to welcoming more staff from abroad (or just afar) this season. But we know that figuring out housing in a new area or a new country can be intimidating, so we’ve put together our own hosting program to match staff with camp families who have extra space, and we’ve also created other resources and suggestions to help applicants find their own housing options – to learn more about staff hosting and other house hunting strategies, click on the picture link below. For international applicants interested in coming to the US, we’ve also included some information about the J-1 Visa program below.

First things first! Apply Now! We have locations across the US and you can list all locations you have an interest in on the application. One of our directors will be in touch and take you through the hiring process. Once hired, return to this page to learn about the Visa process and/or find a host family!

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Host Family & Housing Options – We know that finding housing for the summer when you’re coming from abroad, or even out of state, can be difficult. Steve & Kate’s Camp wants to help by connecting international (and non-local) staff with camp families who have expressed interest in hosting and have extra space. The hosting requirements are very flexible and varied. Some hosts will offer a room, others an entire home. Some may want you to be really engaged with the family and others will want a more formal arrangement. Whatever the case, we hope that we can connect you with a host who matches what you’re looking for this summer.

If you want to work with us but don’t want to be hosted or can’t find a family that’s the perfect fit, former staff members have found short-term rentals through sites such as VRBO, AirBnB, and Craigslist. Some have also found hostels or dorm/fraternity/student housing at local universities that have worked out well.

Host Family: Once you’ve interviewed with one of our Directors and have been offered a position at camp, we’ll send you details about the host program along with a list of families who have expressed interest in hosting. This will include their contact details, a description of their property, their financial expectations for the summer, information about the host and their family, and also what they’re looking to get out of the hosting experience. After we share these details, we will step aside and let you reach out to any host that you think would be a good match. From there, you and the host can hammer out the details.

Short-term rentals: We’ve had staff members from abroad successfully make their housing arrangements by themselves or with groups of friends who are traveling with them and working at our camps. VRBO, Airbnb, and Craigslist can be very useful resources for finding rooms, houses and other short-term, flexible housing arrangements. Some have also found hostels or dorm/fraternity/student housing at local universities that have worked out well. This rough summer budget may help you plan for the summer.


J-1 Visa – Once hired with S&K, if you don’t already have authorization to work in the US, you’ll want to start the visa process ASAP as it can take a bit of time from start to finish.

The State Department allows for seasonal employees to work at camps under a J-1 Visa. S&K does not “sponsor” international staff members directly, but works with any of the programs that specialize in helping international staff members obtain their visa. Here is a complete list from the State Department website of these companies. Steve & Kate’s Camp staff have used the following three companies in the past:

This year, we are working closely with an organization called the International Exchange of North America (IENA) that we could also connect applicants with. The process differs from country to country, but those companies can walk you through the process and, of course, you’ll be in contact with your S&K Director throughout. There are fees involved for the J-1 visa process and these can also differ based on the company used. Typically, the visa applicant (that’s you) pays a fee and there’s a fee that S&K pays on your behalf to secure the visa. This up-front expense is then deducted from your 2nd & 3rd paycheck in equal installments to reimburse the cost of these fees.

Questions about working with us? Connect with the director of your preferred location.