We’ve made camp a real career.

Remember when you went to camp as a kid and you thought working there as an adult would be the coolest thing ever? And then you actually became an adult and realized that being a camp counselor at minimum wage didn’t quite cut it as a career.

Well, good news, we’ve cracked the code and figured out a way to make camp an actual career with grown up stuff like 401ks, legit salaries, and other benefits. You can do meaningful work and use your inherent leadership skills all while making a real living. In fact, there’s nearly 60 of us with such careers at Steve & Kate’s Camp. We’ve realized that to run phenomenal camps at the highest standards you need phenomenal people. And phenomenal people need real careers. Right now we’re looking for Camp Directors, or what we call Self-Directors given the self-directed nature of our camp and the job itself.

The job in a nutshell is to run your own camp and we’ll actually trust you to do it.

Steve & Kate’s Camp HQ provides the designs and you provide the management. We clearly state the objectives for all parts of the job and then we 100% trust Directors to find the best way to get there. No micromanaging, just transparent tools for everyone to see how we’re all doing.

HQ designs: activities, recruiting strategies, proprietary software, marketing resources, custom products, procurement and logistics systems, and training modules based on 37 years of expertise.

You would manage: recruiting, hiring, training and leading your summer team, building relationships with parents and children, site logistics, local marketing events, B2B partnerships, other stuff that comes with managing a business and, of course, the 8 to 10 weeks of camp!

How do you know if you’re the right candidate?

If you answer yes to all of the questions below, definitely reach out for a chat.

  1. Do you appreciate and agree with self-directed learning for kids and adults?

  2. If you worked at home for most of the year without a boss breathing down your neck, would you actually get dressed at a reasonable hour and push yourself to accomplish big things?

  3. Would sparking up random conversations with business managers, potential staff, and prospective families fit in your comfort zone? If not, are you willing to stretch?

  4. Are you the type of person who can’t rest until you’ve done everything possible to make someone feel cared for? Like if someone you knew was in need, would you do more than send them a “thinking of you” text?

  5. Can you multitask like you’re a Hollywood power agent all while keeping calm, level headed, and nice? Especially the last one?

A bit about us.

We’re the people who pioneered self-directed learning in a camp environment starting way back in 1980 when everyone was doing tie dye. Actually, we did that too. It was the 80s after all. We also introduced the most flexible and fair attendance system in the industry. We offer 5 creative art and tech studios balanced out with our zany twist on sports and recreational programs. We’re owned by a husband and wife named Steve and Kate and we’ve grown to 37 locations across 9 states.

How to apply.

Email Kevin at work@steveandkate.com with a paragraph or two as to why you think you are a good match for this job. Feel free to include a link to your profile on LinkedIn or a resume.