Join our Product Team

Steve & Kate’s Camp is looking for a full-time Group Product Manager to join our product team, based in San Francisco, CA. You’ll build systems and software that put tens of thousands of kids in charge of their own learning and experiences, provide them with inspiring possibilities, and support staff and families and kids in safe, fun, and welcoming ways.

You’ll be joining a team of highly-experienced software engineers, designers, and other builders with startup backgrounds from companies such as Carbon Five and GitHub. We’re also really nice people.

We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives. We encourage people from groups currently underrepresented in tech to apply.

A bit about the company

Steve & Kate’s Camp ( introduced individualized learning in a summer camp setting, pioneered flexible enrollment and automatic refunds and implemented technology so aggressively that Apple featured us on their website. We believe that children learn best in settings that allow them to discover their own potential with minimal adult guidance and support. We’re entering our 37th year but it wasn’t until the 26 year marker that we decided to grow. We’re just getting warmed up. Our philosophy and approach is what has set us apart from other camps since 1980.

Our products

In our studios (the spaces in which the campers thrive), we have custom applications and resources for the campers. Complimenting those apps is a platform for staff and campers to manage, share, and view user generated content. As part of that platform, there is a content management and distribution system. And then, last but not least, we have bespoke software to support program operations and registration.

Primary seasonal focus


Work with business, camp program designers, visual and experience design, engineering, and our site directors to identify most important areas of focus and impact for upcoming season. Through data analysis, user feedback, and experimentation begin prioritizing work, prototyping and validating new concepts, building partnerships, and creating product roadmaps for coming season. Effectively communicate product vision with both immediate and larger team.


Finalize hardware dependent solutions, vendor agreements, software integrations, and partnerships. Move with software and design team into more refined iteration cycles as we move into pre-season and open registration.


Continue design-build iterations for summer releases. Finalize print and provisioning dependent decisions. Finalize software feature work and work with programs as we on-board and train our summer teams.


Maximize in-season learning with users and plan for product experiments to move programs and operations forward.

About you

  • 5+ years experience in product management.
  • Able to articulate a clear path towards a vision, identify and validate new directions, create a roadmap, manage project execution, manage product roll-out internally.
  • Ability to work with other leaders and stakeholders on cross-functional teams and manage up.
  • Effectively communicate technical ideas to non-technical people.
  • Strong data analysis and qualitative product perspective and an ability to connect with the human stories that drive those numbers.
  • Comfortable with open possibilities and degree of uncertainty. Willing to test and experiment unconventional new ideas.
  • Strategize requirements gathering across diverse roles, provide feature definition, provide strategic prioritization, and do regular acceptance.
  • Experience working with agile software teams.
  • Experience working with user centered design, lean software development, and design thinking.

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