Steve & Kate's Boston
· DATES: Jun 18 - Aug 17, 2018
· ADDRESS: The Winsor School, 103 Pilgrim Rd, Boston

Can't get enough of summer

I have over eight years in the out-of-school time industry and I love the environment because it offers the freedom for kids to choose, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes. I have a background in education and counseling and love to spend time building relationships with campers, especially the ones who sometimes struggle in traditional school settings, and see them soar in out of school programs. My favorite things to do outside of camp are swim, climb and laze in the sun.

Laurel Hollenbaugh, Self-Director
617-315-4387 |

This camp must comply with regulations of Massachusetts Department of Public Health and be licensed by the Boston Health Department.

Unique things about this location

  • Camp will be in a different part of the school this year, making for a more cohesive studio set up. The entrance will be the same though!
  • The Winsor campus is completely fenced in and incredibly safe, with full time security at the entrance!
  • We will not be using the turf fields at Winsor but will have access to tons of great open grass space.

Location, Location, Location!

Really important information about Boston

  • Boston families must submit additional paperwork before they are able to attend. All required paperwork can be found on the Massachusetts tab of the Online Orientation (linked below).
  • Due to restrictions outside our control, families in Boston will not be able to purchase single Day Passes. We encourage families to purchase 5 Day Passes and know that our automatic refund policy will take care of any unused days.
  • BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW FOR THE VIRTUAL ORIENTATION. This provides information relevant to all of our camp locations, including information and videos about how to check-in/check-out, what to bring (and not bring), and so much more.

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Activities for every interest.

Whatever your child’s passion, they can push their limits at our camp.
Stop-motion animation, fashion, coding, breadmaking, sports, music, dance, and so much more.

Sports – Each day, we’ll offer a featured sport for campers of all ages and abilities, and we’ll also schedule other active games throughout the day to spice things up.


Each day at camp, we offer at least one showstopper activity from our lineup of Specials. The Director at each location will decide when and how often to schedule each of their four Specials, so feel free to contact your Director to find out what will be scheduled each day.

Gaga – Jump into a fast paced, high energy dodgeball-syle game played in an octagonal pit.

Magic Floor – Campers play a variety of games in an immerisive virtual 'playground' created by a state-of-art interative overhead projector.

Pitchburst – Test your aim by hurling a ball at the target to pop a water balloon over your friend (or a counselor's) head! Check with the Director to find out when this will be scheduled, and bring a swimsuit and towel if your child would like to participate.

Water Tag – Dodge oncoming water balloons while weaving your way through sprinklers and other water obstacles. Check with the Director to find out when this will be scheduled, and bring a swimsuit and towel if your child would like to participate.


VG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free, SF = Soy Free, EF = Egg Free

No items contain nuts or nut products. However, some may have been prepared in areas that also produce items with nuts.

Everyday items

  • Pizza - A classic slice of cheese pizza from Crazy Dough Pizza.
  • Sandwich - Choice of nitrate and nitrite free turkey, ham, and cheddar on a ciabatta roll with condiments on the side. (EF, possible to make VG, GF and DF)
  • Hot dog - All-beef dog raised w/o antibiotics and free of phosphates, nitrates and nitrites. Condiments on the side. (EF, DF, possible to make GF)

Daily specials

  • Chinese Chicken Fingers - Three chicken fingers with a twist from Teriyaki House.
  • Pork Gyoza - Potstickers filled with pork and veggies from Teriyaki House.
  • Rice and Bean Burrito - Bean, cheese, rice and pico de gallo in a flour tortilla from Felipes. (VG, EF)
  • Chicken Platos - Chicken, rice, beans, pico de gallo and corn tortillas from Felipes. (GF, DF, EF)
  • Italian - More info coming soon
  • Chicken Lo Mein - Chicken and lo mein noodles with veggies from Oriental Pearl. (DF)
  • Veggie Fried Rice - Seasonal veggies fried with rice from Oriental Pearl. (VG, DF)
  • Chicken Naan - Handmade bread stuffed with diced chicken, herbs and spices baked in a tandoor from Shan A Punjab. (DF)
  • Vegetable Pakora - Fresh vegetable fritters made with spinach, potatoes, onion and cauliflower Shan A Punjab. (VG, DF)

The basics

Contact info

The Winsor School,
103 Pilgrim Rd,
Boston, MA 02215

Email Laurel:

Call or text Laurel:

Camp dates

Jun 18 - Aug 17, 2018

Need more camp? Day Passes and Memberships can be used at any location.


The camp entrance is to the left of the front doors of The Winsor School- in the new athletic complex. Use 99 Pilgrim Rd as the address in your GPS to take you to the front of the building. Parking is available at the front of the school for drop off and pick up. Rolling drop off is also available right a curbside- just drop 'em and go!


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I always felt like I could ask questions or provide feedback, and I felt like my kids were happy and cared for. They always wanted to go to camp! Thanks for a great experience! - Divya K. (Boston parent)
The abundance of activities and staff that actually wanted to be there helping was more than I could of asked for. Thank you. - Laverne C. (Boston parent)
The kids were sad when their camp experiences came to end and can't wait to go back next summer. - Chris C. (Boston parent)


To learn more about our fees and how refunds work, check out the fees page.
Fees for our mentorship program are a little different; you can find those details on the mentorship page.

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$120 per day

Buy 5 or more

$100 per day

Buy 20 or more

$90 per day


$2,700 per child
(44 days of camp)

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