We’ve got over 50 year-round team members working hard to make next season the best one yet. If we were Bitcoin or Tesla, you’d probably read about our initiatives in the news, but alas, we’re still a mom and pop shop. We also don’t have a PR person, but if we did, these would be the press releases we’d send out about what we’re working on for summer 2018.

Express Check In blows your hair back.

If you wanna get in and out in a hurry, we’ve got you covered with our new Express Check In. You can get the bulk of check in knocked out at home, and then when you arrive our staff simply scan your child(ren) into camp in a matter of seconds. If you wanna come in and schmooze, then we’ll pour you a cup of cawfee and we’ll tawk.

Matchmaking is not just for grannies.

People say our enrollment policy is more flexible than Jean Claude Van Damme in the 90s. Well, not in those exact words, but they do like that they can buy Day Passes and use them whenever they want. But occasionally, that means kids come to camp without friends, or they make a friend one day but may not see them again the next time they come. Kids making friends at camp is a priority for us. This year we’re designing both tech and non-tech solutions to get kids connected and comfortable at camp if they don’t already have a bud and want one.


The Hangry Games come to an end.

We know that even the sweetest camper can turn into the Hulk if they’re hungry and not getting enough food throughout the day. That’s why we’re stepping up our food game to make sure kids have tons of options and as much to eat as their bodies need. If campers want seconds at lunch, seconds they shall have. Throughout the day, we’ll be adding filling snacks like yogurt with toppings to our regular line-up of veggies and fruit. Mike, our food guy, has hired his Jewish mother to tour the camps to incessantly remind campers to eat a little something.

Coding and Robotics make a splash in the Pool™.

Coding and Robotics are joining our Music, Fashion, and Film studios as the latest addition to our cloud based Pool™ software, a digital platform filled with learning resources and project inspiration. It’s also where campers can share their projects with their folks online. This summer look for photos of robotics creations and camper created apps.


Breadmaking takes the biscuit.

In addition to the classic loaves that campers churn out, we have developed new weekly project possibilities from homemade pop tarts to pretzels. A camper could launch a bake sale with this much variety. Some actually have, giving new meaning to making dough.

Fashionistas can now fill a wardrobe.

Campers are still able to design, cut, sew, and accessorize anything they’d like, but we’ve created new weekly projects to inspire campers from kimonos to statement tees. Spend enough time at camp and you might cut down on what’s needed for back to school shopping.


The game room gets more games.

We’re adding more games to our Game Room, from the high-tech Anki Overdrive robotic race cars to low-tech classics like ping pong, pop-a-shot, and pool, since sometimes it’s nice to just kick it old school.

Music Studio pumps up the volume.

We’re leaning even more into digital music composition and mixing by adding new software and hardware throughout the studio. Campers get their Calvin Harris on in group DJ-ing sessions and live performances. Group karaoke also takes the stage for our vocalists. Expect campers to come home humming Tiny Dancer.


New special hits lineup.

In 2017, every site had three Specials ranging from giant inflatable slip and slides to electric smart karts to Zorb hamster balls. This year, we’re adding a fourth Special at every site and testing new pieces of equipment sure to make kids lose their minds, like a drone obstacle course and a cutting-edge, interactive “magic floor” projector. We’ll announce the lineup on each location page in February once they’re locked in.

Film Studio crosses genres.

Campers can still check out cameras and cut any film they dream of, but this year we’re offering up new weekly project ideas, from music videos to cooking shows.

We’re investing in people.

This may be less exciting than the stuff listed above, but we thought you should know where a chunk of your money is going. Having great counselors and enough of them is crucial to running a camp that is worth running at all. So we’re increasing our overall staffing budget by over 20%.


We just opened a test lab.

Like we said at the top of the page, we introduce lots of new things every year in pursuit of creating the ultimate camp experience, but some of these “improvements” go bust. In order to reduce the bust factor, we opened a test lab at our office in San Francisco where kids poke holes, literally and figuratively, in our programs to make sure we’re ready for the big show each summer.

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