Staff Experience

We encourage and support each staff member to build your own story, your own experience within the Steve & Kate’s Camp framework. At the start of summer, you’ll set a goal for yourself to challenge your creative, logistical, and interpersonal skills. Your experience will be shaped by both mentoring the next generation (which may also include a causal pie to the face or two…) and bringing your goal full-circle, which we’ll help you translate onto your resume and into the creative and leadership skills employers seek.


We think that job descriptions and titles can be very limiting, inflexible, and box people in, but we do recognize that it’s helpful to talk about “roles” as a way to communicate all of the job functions that need to be carried out at camp, and to give applicants an idea of what they can expect from their experience at Steve & Kate’s and what skills and attributes we look for in our employees. While the specific responsibilities of each staff member will vary, we expect all to encourage, inspire, and support children to follow their passions and explore new ideas and experiences. Some of the roles at Steve & Kate’s are pretty specialized and focused, including SSD, HQ, Launchpad and Food Ops, while others like our Studio and Activity Leads are much more fluid, and may involve you supervising a range of activities within a day and over the course of the summer. But with all of our roles, there’s a degree of flexibility for Directors to adapt and modify them to leverage your skills and interests to best serve your needs as well as those of the camp and the campers. Depending on the role or Lead designation(s) you and your Director decide is the best fit, here’s some of what you can expect from your Steve & Kate’s experience:

Seasonal Self Director (SSD): You’ll be working alongside your site’s year-round Self Director to manage all facets of camp including: connecting with parents and campers across a broad range of expectations, desires, and fears; building, training, and managing the summer team; and laying the logistical groundwork and ongoing maintenance for your site to operate efficiently and safely. We view the SSD role as the training ground and pipeline for future SDs when year-round Director roles open up on our team.

HQ: Utilizing your strong interpersonal, organization and time-management skills, you’ll spend most of your day in Camp Headquarters — the nerve center of each Steve & Kate’s location. There, you’ll welcome parents and campers, administer our custom-built software application for managing camper registrations, processing payments and checking kids in and out of camp, manage medications and first aid supplies while caring for injured and sick children, re-engage campers who are having a hard time at camp, maintain a clean, organized and welcoming space and provide additional administrative and logistical support for smooth operations across camp.

Launchpad: You’ll spend most of your day helping our youngest campers (4 and 5 year olds) make a smooth transition into camp by supporting them in making friends, introducing them to new activities so they can ultimately “launch” into the camp’s programs, communicating with their parents regarding the highs (and lows) of their child’s experience, and ensuring their basic physical needs are met (snack, drink, sunscreen and bathroom reminders).

Food Ops: You’ll spend most of your day in the Camp kitchen or Cafe, where you’ll be preparing and serving snack and lunch, ordering and managing food service items and supplies, and maintaining food equipment, prep and service spaces in clean and sanitary condition. Past experience in the food, catering or restaurant industry is a plus but definitely not required, since actual cooking will be very minimal, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Studio & Activity Leads: You’ll probably be asked to wear many hats and to supervise a range of activities and cover various responsibilities at camp. While each activity will have its own specific requirements and challenges, the role of staff and the relationship we’d like you to have with the campers will be the same regardless of program area: you’re expected to act as a guide and facilitator (not an expert instructor), who cultivates camper’s curiosity while ensuring children are safe, engaged and supported, and the space, equipment and supplies are organized and cared for. Having a lot of prior experience with the activities you will lead at camp is a plus but definitely not required, since we’ve developed a lot of resources and training to get you up to speed in any activity you’re asked to supervise. Here are some of the specific Lead designations at camp (staff members may focus on one or several depending on interest, skills and the site’s needs):

  • Fashion, Film, Coding, Music and Breadmaking Leads: Primarily responsible for supervising campers and managing equipment and supplies in one of the camp’s five creative art and technology Studios.
  • Sports Lead: Primarily responsible for supervising campers and managing equipment for sports and active games at camp.
  • Specials Lead: Primarily responsible for supervising campers and managing the camp’s recreational equipment (i.e. Specials), including things like inflatable slip and slides, Zorbs and go karts. This is a physically demanding position with quite a bit of heavy lifting.
  • Other Activities: You may also be asked to supervise other activity areas at camp, including our Game Room, where campers play table games like foosball and air hockey, as well as our Lounge, which is chalk full of board games, books and art supplies.

Subs: You’ll be an on-call staff member who will be asked to fill-in when regular staff are out sick, on vacation or when we need additional help to cover spikes in camper attendance. You may be asked to cover some combination of the roles and responsibilities above.

Staff Responsibilities

While each person’s experience will differ based on your role, there are shared responsibilities and expectations for all staff including:

  • Completing all required online and in-person staff training, including, but not limited to, training related to safety and emergency procedures, camp philosophy, and content-specific information for assigned activities prior to your first day working at camp. Training time and requirements may vary by position, but all camp-specific training time will be paid for.
  • Being present and available for Move-in and Move-out weekends, directly before and after your camp opens/closes.
  • Actively supervising campers to ensure they follow the Camp Responsibilities and to prevent accidents and promote the safety, security, and well-being of all campers.
  • Behaving in a professional and friendly manner with parents and staff.
  • Reporting and recording details of notable concerns or incidents, and of injuries to campers, other staff members or yourself.
  • Keeping track and being aware of camper allergies and dietary restrictions while serving lunch and snacks.
  • Engaging constantly with campers and their activities and projects. Working at S&K’s is about connection – learning, playing, conversing, connecting, and joining alongside campers in their adventures.
  • Participating in all-camp events such as Kickoff, All-Camp Games, and Gameshow.
  • Being a role model for respecting camp equipment and the camp environment by maintaining campus cleanliness and organization, as well as assisting with or owning logistical routines such as setting up for lunch, taking out the trash/recycling, replenishing water coolers, keeping lost & found organized, etc.
  • Managing transitions during the day and helping campers understand the camp schedule.
  • Mediating conflicts between campers or asking for help from camp leadership to do so.

Staff Requirements

In order to work at Steve & Kate’s, all staff must meet the following requirements:

  • In most states, you must be 18 years old by your first day of work (if applying in CA and WA you may be a High School Senior or equivalent who is not yet 18 years of age).
  • Complete required First Aid and CPR courses prior to the first day of camp. Some locations or positions may require additional certifications or prior experience.
  • Successful clearance of a background check related to working with minors.
  • Experience working with children, strong communication, interpersonal and leadership skills are a plus for all positions, and may be considered in hiring decisions.

Work Environment and Physical Demands

  • The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • Indoor/outdoor environment, daily intermittent sitting, standing, walking, and running required.
  • Sufficient strength, agility and mobility to perform essential functions required.