Youngest Campers At Winter & Spring

After 40 years, we can confidently say that we’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like making their own choices. That said, some kids – usually our younger campers – need a little help getting used to their newfound freedom. After all, many children spend lots of time in programs with rigid schedules where the adults are telling you what to do.

That’s why we developed Launchpad. All camp activities are available to Launchpad campers – we do not limit opportunities to kids just because they might be younger or newer to Steve & Kate’s. Instead, Launchpad campers receive additional guidance from our hand-picked Launchpad staff to participate in special projects in each of our workshop spaces - custom designed for our youngest campers.

Our Launchpad program includes activities that are more simplified versions of what is available in each Camp area, before jumping in head first. This way, they can get an idea of what happens in that activity and know what to expect when entering further. While our youngest campers (ages 4-5) are automatically put into Launchpad, we are happy to connect with parents who think their campers may also benefit from the added structure and support. Think of it as the shallow end of the pool, where kids can work their way up to the deep end, and dive in!

What Will Launchpad Campers Do At Camp?

  • Learn to trust their choices and themselves through self-guided learning and freedom.
  • Work on stretching out their wings and getting ready to soar through our variety of studios and activities.
  • Participate in group projects and other collaborative efforts with fellow Launchpad campers (if they so choose).
  • Engage with our Launchpad staff members who will give snack and bathroom reminders, touch base on how their day is going, and help guide in projects and camp activities throughout the day.
  • Remember! Launchpad campers can do all the same things that our other kids can do too. The Launchpad staff and Launchpad areas are there as resources for getting them adjusted to our structure! We think your kid is capable of literally *anything.

*Yes, we really do. However, we also know that many younger or newer campers might take a few days to warm up to that notion. Although not required, we highly suggest that Launchpad campers come for 5 consecutive days to really get into the flow of things. We have found that younger kids who come for multiple consecutive days find more success and satisfaction from their Steve & Kate's experience compared to those who only come for a day or two.


Campers must be 4 years old by their first day of Camp. In addition to the age requirement, all campers must be fully potty-trained, able to speak up for their needs (though we understand some warming up might need to happen), and able to get through the Camp day without a nap. If this describes your child, please feel free to register. If not, we’d love to connect next year!

Not sure if Steve & Kate's Break is right for your child? Give us a call. We’d love to talk to you personally.