Our camp conforms to kids

Not the other way around. Instead of a rigid structure, we give our campers choice. Instead of teaching kids the typical way, we give them tools and gentle guidance to help them become autodidacts, people who teach themselves. The difference is subtle–and it’s profound.

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“Go with the flow” is our middle name. Just kidding, it’s “And”

We don’t expect you to know when or what time you can get your troops to camp. You are Moms and Dads, not psychics for crying out loud. We get it. That’s why our policy is as flexible as you need it to be. You can buy a whole summer membership or you can purchase as many day passes as you want. Use the passes whenever. Didn’t use them? No sweat. We’ll give you a full refund for unused passes. And best of all, you don’t even have to tell us when you’re coming. Ta-da. Camp just got easier.

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When we say all-inclusive, we mean all-inclusive.

We don’t believe in that whole “batteries not included” jazz. Once you pay for camp, we include everything needed between the hours of 7:30am to 6:00pm. That means we’ll make sure your little camper is eating like a…a …a champ-er? Anyway, lunch is designed by three esteemed top chefs and snacks are provided throughout the day. Any and all materials your child needs to get the full camp experience are taken care of. And all activities are open to every camper. So, as long as you remember to bring your favorite kids, we’ll bring the rest.


Summer camp established in 1980. It gives the camp you went to a metaphorical swirly.


Literally any human child between Pre-K thru 7th grade. If that describes you, then you are who. Pre-K kids must be 4 yrs old by their 1st day of camp. More about Kindercamp.


June through August. M – F, 7:30am to 6pm. The dates vary by location.


Locations in CA, WA, OR, IL, DC, VA, MA, NJ and NY. See all locations, dates, & contact details.

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