Enrollment That Rolls With the Punches

No matter the to-do’s, moods or ‘tudes of your brood; whatever the ever; whether there’s pep in your step or flop in your drop; if Nana and Pop-Pop visit, you’ve gone fishin’, the couch or a comet is calling you -- you can count on camp as a constant. 

Choose Day Passes or a Summer Pass, good for any day, at any location. Everything’s included (that’s lunch and snacks). Unused passes? No sweat: automatic refunds. You don’t have to call ahead, dictate dates in advance, or predict the future.

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Day Pass

Buy any number of Day Passes, use them anytime, and even transfer Day Passes between siblings. Any unused Day Passes are automatically refunded mid-September. Want more camp? Upgrade to a Summer Pass (again, anytime), and your previously purchased Day Passes will be credited towards that amount.

Day Pass: Select your location for prices

Summer Pass

For anyone attending more than 30 days, consider our Summer Pass, with one fee that covers the entire summer. If you end up coming to camp less, worry not. We’ll add up what you would have paid at the Day Pass rate and refund the difference.

Summer Pass: Select your location for prices.