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Acknowledgement of Risk, Waiver, and Release of Liability

I understand and acknowledge that participation in the camps, events, or programs operated or conducted by Steve & Kate’s Camp LLC (the “Camp”), including all of its activities and the use of its facilities and equipment, involves an inherent and unavoidable risk of injuries, harm, and loss. I understand that although the Camp takes precautions to provide proper organization, supervision, and equipment, it is impossible for the Camp to guarantee absolute safety.  I understand there are numerous risks associated with participating in the Camp’s activities, including, but not limited to, the use of playgrounds, electric Go Karts, inflatable equipment, game room equipment, electronic devices, camp-provided food, as well as participation in sports and active games, sewing and knitting activities, Maker activities/projects, and baking activities.  Equipment used in activities may break, fail, or malfunction and cause injury.  Some of the equipment used in activities may cause injuries even when used as intended. These are some, but not all, of the risks inherent in Camp activities; a complete listing of inherent risks is not possible and some risks cannot be anticipated.


I authorize the child/children named in this registration to participate in the camps and all activities operated by the Camp, both on and off site. On my own behalf and on behalf of the child/children named in this registration, I ACKNOWLEDGE THE RISKS associated with participation in the Camp and expressly and voluntarily assume the risks of participation in the camps and activities operated by the Camp and HEREBY WAIVE AND RELEASE ALL CLAIMS, DEMANDS, ACTIONS, CAUSES OF ACTION, COSTS, LOSSES, EXPENSES AND LIABILITIES (“CLAIMS”) (WHETHER ON BEHALF OF THE CHILD/CHILDREN NAMED IN THIS REGISTRATION OR FOR MY OWN BENEFIT) AGAINST THE CAMP (INCLUDING ITS STAFF, EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS) THAT MAY ARISE FROM INJURIES, HARM OR LOSS RESULTING FROM PARTICIPATION IN THE CAMPS AND ACTIVITIES OPERATED BY THE CAMP, INCLUDING (WITHOUT LIMITATION) ANY CLAIMS ALLEGING NEGLIGENCE BY THE CAMP (INCLUDING ITS STAFF, EMPLOYEES, AND AGENTS), to the fullest extent allowed under the laws of California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington (as applicable based on the location of the camp, program, or event where your child/children attend or participate). If any aspect of this waiver is deemed to be invalid, I acknowledge that the remainder of the agreement will continue to have full force and effect. If my agreement on behalf of my child/children to release their Claims against the Camp is deemed invalid for any reason, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold the Camp harmless in connection with any Claims arising out of my child’s/children’s participation in the camps, programs, events and activities operated by the Camp, including payment of reasonable defense costs incurred by the Camp.

I hereby authorize the staff of the Camp to act according to their best judgment in any situation requiring medical attention for the child/children named in this registration. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide medical insurance coverage for the child/children named in this registration while they are attending camps operated by the Camp and to provide accurate and complete medical information. I attest that all immunizations for the child/children named in this registration that are required by their school or local school district are up-to-date (including, but not limited to, a COVID vaccination, if and when one becomes reasonably obtainable in my location) and I understand that the Camp may require me to present proof of vaccination at any time.  I further understand that, in order to help ensure the health and safety of campers and staff,  the Camp does not allow exceptions to this policy for any non-medical, religious or philosophical reasons. The only exceptions that will be made are in instances where a child cannot safely receive vaccinations for medical reasons, and such exceptions will be made by the Camp Headquarters on a case-by-case basis only upon presentation of a letter of explanation from a physician licensed in the state where the child is attending Camp providing the Camp with sufficient information to evaluate the need for an exception. (Please Note: In some states there are additional requirements related to camper medical history and supporting documentation.) I acknowledge that the costs of any medical treatment provided to the child/children named in this registration that are not covered by medical insurance will be my sole responsibility, consistent with the waiver of Claims above.

Steve & Kate’s reserves the right to terminate registration for a family or an individual parent/guardian in appropriate circumstances. It is possible to end our relationship with one parent/guardian, while designating the other as the sole contact point if the situation lends itself to this solution. 

Steve & Kate’s will attempt to discuss its concerns and allow a family the opportunity to correct inappropriate or disruptive conduct. However, the nature and/or severity of the conduct may require immediate termination of registration. The determination to end a relationship with a family or an individual parent/guardian should include the RM and Customer Experience Representative. In the event of a termination of registration, any fees paid for unused days, if applicable, would be refunded.

Activities warranting termination of registration include, but are not limited to: 

  • * failure or refusal to abide by camp policies or licensing requirements; 
  • * failure or refusal to accept and cooperate in a camp decisions or practices; 
  • * bullying, physical abuse, or verbal abuse toward staff, children, or other parents, including cursing or swearing; 
  • * inappropriate, discourteous, or disrespectful interactions toward or communications with others, including on social media; 
  • *failure to pay registration; or
  • * demand for special treatment or services that are not provided to others, cannot reasonably be delivered by the program, or are outside the philosophy of the program. 

If a situation involves a child’s medical condition or behavioral issue, the RM, Customer Experience Representative, and legal department should be involved early in the process to address our obligations under the Americans with  Disabilities Act and to allow for clear communication with the parents/guardians.


As to any child/children who are enrolled in a camp operated by the Camp, I agree that the Camp (including its staff, employees and agents) can take and use photos, video and audio recordings of the child/children named in this registration for the limited purposes of marketing the Camp which may be publicly available on the internet, without compensational obligation, and I hereby release the Camp (including its staff, employees and agents) from any Claims resulting from their use of photos, videos and audio recordings (Please note: if you want to understand why we seek your consent for this or to request that we do not publicly use photos, videos and/or audio recordings featuring your child/children, please contact I agree to receive periodic email, phone or written communication from the Camp regarding products, services or information that may be of interest to me.


Further, I acknowledge and agree that the child/children and myself and any co-parent or co-guardian, are not allowed to take, and shall not take, any photographs, video, or audio recordings of other children or other parents/guardians participating in camps, events, or programs without their express consent, and are not allowed to transmit, upload, or post such content online or electronically including on any social media or similar site, or use or publish such content in any non-personal media such as a book, video, film, television program or publicly viewable website. Upon the Camp’s request, I agree to delete and/or remove such content from any device, site, platform, or other media, if, in the Camp’s sole and absolute discretion, such content and/or the manner in which it is presented violates the terms of this agreement, is objectionable, inappropriate, or violates the privacy rights or right of publicity of others.


As to any child/children who are enrolled in a camp operated by the Camp, I hereby authorize the Camp to withdraw from my bank account or charge my credit/debit card the full cost of the camp day(s) and/or summer pass(es) I have elected to purchase at this time. In the event that there are insufficient funds in my bank account or my credit card is declined at the time of processing, I authorize the Camp to reattempt to process my payment method again until those funds are successfully collected, and I agree to provide an alternate payment method as required by the Camp.