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1. The Basics

Can I visit camp as an adult?

We're currently restricting visitors on campus for the health and safety of everyone. Parents/guardians and family members who are not attending camp will be asked to wait outside at Curbside when they drop off / pick up each day. Only children attending camp will be able to head back to their rooms and we'll have staff available to help them get there if needed. 

Can my camper check themselves in and out of camp?

Every camper must have an adult over the age of 18 present at drop-off. Campers, with parent/guardian permission, are able to check themselves out at the end of the day. Please get in touch with your local director if allowing your child to check themselves out at camp.

Can my child take medications at camp?

Sure! Be sure to bring these in a labeled box or bag and in the original packaging. You'll be asked to fill out a Medication Authorization form when checking in on Day 1 (if you haven't already). Meds will be kept in HQ and given by directors when needed. Make sure you complete the Medication Authorization form for any meds you are sending to camp. You can find that here:

Can my child use a restroom at camp that aligns with their gender identity?

At Steve & Kate's, we want to support all of our campers and create an environment where campers feel safe and respected. As such, we stand behind and support the ability of campers to use bathroom facilities and pronouns that align with their Gender Identity.

Can we leave camp and come back the same day?

We understand that outside classes, tryouts, lessons or appointments can be hard to reschedule, so leaving camp and returning same day is totally fine by us!

Do you allow Therapists?

Our doors are open to all children to join the camp. Over the years we have had many children with special needs, disabilities, or health conditions attend the camp, some with support and others on their own. Children requiring services for a disability or medical-related reason may be approved to receive services while in attendance at Camp from their therapist after meeting specific requirements.

Any therapist that accompanies a camper to Steve & Kate's Camp is subject to the same rules, guidelines, and instructions as Steve & Kate's Camp Staff, and they must act in accordance with any applicable laws. 

In order to help set things up in a way for your child to experience success at one of our camp locations, you should reach out to the local year round director for additional information and next steps. All camp contact information can be found here: 

Do you offer swimming at camp?

We did offer swimming many years ago, but we chose to discontinue it because it presented many logistical challenges for the camp and for parents. Additionally, it wasn’t a particularly popular activity for campers. Since at most locations there is no pool on-site, we had to coordinate transportation to a local pool. Campers who chose to go would have to commit 2-3 hours of their day to swimming and would miss out on the other activities being offered at camp. As a result very few campers chose to go swimming. Because swimming took place off site, it also presented challenges for parents who needed to pick up their children early. For safety reasons, swimming was a source of anxiety for many parents, and several of them asked that their children not participate. Even though we don’t have swimming, water activities are an important part of summer so we'll be sure to have some at camp if local guidelines allow. 

Do you take field trips at camp?

For safety and security, all of the activities we offer are on-site. Most parents find comfort in knowing that their children will not be leaving campus during the day. Instead of going on field trips, we'll bring in Specials to add some spice, like mini golf or rock climbing, as long as they can be sanitized between groups.

Does my camper need to be fully toilet trained?

All campers enrolled in Steve & Kate’s must be fully toilet trained before attending camp. Please see our full Toilet Training Policy here, to ensure your child meets all requirements before registering for camp.

How can I get in contact with someone?

Whether you're reaching out about Summer Camp, Break Camp, or you just have a question, our team is always happy to connect directly with families. You can find email and phone numbers here:

How do I reset my password?

On the login screen you should select "forgot password" and this will prompt you to enter your email address.  You will receive an email with a reset link to the email address that you entered.  You should not try to reset your password on the screen that opens after you fill out your email address for the "forgot password" as this is still the login page.  The password reset needs to be done by opening the email that was sent to you and clicking on the reset link in that email. 

If you need further assistance, please email

How does drop off work?

All adults will be required to use Express Check-In (an electronic, contactless service) before arriving at Camp. Adults will be asked CDC recommended screening questions for their camper prior to arrival.

Campers and families are asked to bring their lanyards home with them each day and return with it on their next camp day. Upon arrival campers will approach a check-in person, have their badge scanned and staff will be prompted to take their temperature. Infrared thermometers should be held about four inches away from the child’s forehead.  If the camper’s temperature is below 100.4, they can put on their badge and head into Camp.

If the camper’s temperature is above 100.4, the staff member will not complete check-in and will return the camper to their parent/guardian. The parent/guardian should take the child home for the day. Siblings will not need to return home, if they are not symptomatic. All campers can return the next day as long as they do not have a temperature the following morning without the use of fever-reducing medications. Parents/guardians are encouraged to take the child’s temperature again in an hour and in the afternoon to ensure there is no onset of illness.

After peak drop-off time (8:30-9:30 am) parents will be directed with signs to HQ, where they can check in one at a time. In the event of a line, there will be markers placed 6ft apart to stand on.

How does pick-up at camp work?

Parents/guardians will be encouraged to text the Camp number when they are five to ten minutes away from Camp so that their camper is ready for pick up at curbside to reduce waiting/crowding. Adults will be asked to show their ID in order to pick up their camper, to ensure they are on the approved pick-up list. Campers will then be allowed to leave with their adults. 

Where the location allows, pick up might even be able to be truly curbside! Staff will approach your vehicle, ask to see an ID through the window and then send a camper to their appropriate vehicle. 

Parents/guardians will not be allowed to enter camp to pick up their child. 

Please see our Things To Know page for more specifics on your location's specific drop-off/pick-up procedures. 

How will lunch and snacks work at camp?

All of our locations offer a variety of daily options from caesar salads, sunbutter and jelly sandwiches, to hot dogs, and one of campers' favorite items: pizza. Locations also offer rotating local specials each day. Please visit your site's web page to see your location's 2022 menu.

Directors will receive food from a non-contact delivery and distribute food to campers in a large lunch gathering space. Staff will wear gloves to hand out food to campers, using paper plates and napkins that will be disposed of after eating.

Snacks are provided and served pre-packaged. Snacks will include items such as pretzels, chips, crackers, apples, bananas, and popsicles.

You can, of course, still bring lunch and snacks from home in a labeled bag. We just ask that you leave out any products containing nuts or shellfish for the safety of other children who may have severe allergies. 

Is the Mentorship program happening in 2022?

With the changes that we’ve had to make in order to safely run camps, we’ve come to realize that our Mentorship program as it is intended to function is not a possibility. As a result, it is unlikely we'll be able to run the Mentorship program in 2022. If your child would be interested in attending camp as a camper, they are certainly welcome to do so. 

What are the hours of camp?

Camp hours are always 8am to 6pm. You can drop off and pick up anytime during those hours and all the hours of camp are included in our Passes.

What are your staff policies?

All of our staff members are First Aid and CPR certified as well as participate in Steve & Kate's training around our philosophy, policies, program, interaction methodology, and safety and security procedures.

What if my camper might need One to One Support while at camp?

Our doors are open to all children to join the camp. Over the years we have had many children with special needs, disabilities, or health conditions attend the camp, some with support and others on their own. While we provide accommodations for disability or medical-related reasons, we are a group program and do not provide one-to-one care; however, families/guardians may provide that lever of support at their own expense after meeting specific requirements.

Any one to one support that accompanies a camper to Steve & Kate's Camp is subject to the same rules, guidelines, and instructions as Steve & Kate's Camp Staff, and they must act in accordance with any applicable laws. 

In order to help set things up in a way for your child to experience success at one of our camp locations, you should reach out to the local year round director for additional information and next steps. All camp contact information can be found here: 

What is the age range for camp?

Our program is designed for children entering PreK through 7th grade.

All campers must be 4* by their first day of camp. In addition to being 4 years old, all campers must also be fully toilet trained, able to speak up for their needs, and get through the camp day without a nap. Camp age limit is 13; if a camper turns 14 while attending summer camp, they may finish out the summer.

Our full Toilet Training Policy can be found here.

*Please note that due to local regulations, campers must be 5 years old to attend in Colorado, Georgia, and Virginia. 

What should my child bring (or not bring) to camp with them?

We ask that parents send their kids to camp with as little items as possible. We will have children store items in individual areas, but they will not be very big.

  • Any food sent to camp will need to be sent in a disposable bag labeled with their name each day.
  • A reusable water bottle.
  • Children should have sunscreen applied prior to arriving at camp (we will have spray sunscreen that children can rub in themselves, but a strong first coat will be a huge help).
  • If they would like to participate in water play, they should bring a swimsuit and towel.
  • Cell phones: We understand that in this technological age some parents would prefer to be able to get in touch with their child at a moment’s notice. If parents would like their child to keep a cell phone on their person, we simply ask that campers keep the phone in a pocket or bag, use it for that purpose only, and do not share it in anyway with other campers. If cell phones begin to make a regular appearance around camp, we will talk to the family about how to meet everyone’s needs.
Will there be water play at camp?

Where state and space regulations allow, campers will be able to participate in water play in their small groups. Where permitted, each group will have a changing tent available to them, to cut down on bathroom use and exposure, and will have sprinklers, a slip n' slide, hoses and other yard games available to them. 

2. Summer Camp Details

Are there any days during the summer when camp is closed?

Each year, all Steve & Kate's Camps are closed on July 4th. 

Can we attend multiple camp locations?

Yes! We have brought back the option to attend multiple summer camp locations for summer 2023. 

Do I need to tell you when we’re coming this summer?

Buy any number of Day Passes to use any day we're open this summer. No need to tell us when you're coming-just show up! 

Do you have an orientation for summer camp?

We will! You can check out our Things to Know before coming to camp page in starting in spring.

How much does summer camp cost?

Prices for in-person camps are listed on each location page, listed under the "Fees" heading. You can find our list of locations here. Those pages also contain important and helpful specific information about the individual camp location. 

You can also find all of our Summer Camp prices here.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are kept on a clearly-marked shelf at camp. If you notice that your child has come home without a precious item, please contact your camp location immediately. To make it easier for everyone to find your kid’s stuff, be sure to label it. Items that have not been claimed by the end of the week are donated to a worthy cause the following Friday.

What if my camper has a food allergy?

Children with moderate or severe food allergies will receive their food items from a designated table, with an assigned staff member known as the "Allergy Expert". Campers with severe allergies will be required to eat lunch at this designated table with the Allergy Expert, in order to help ensure the safety of our children with allergies. 

Campers with severe allergies are welcome to invite a friend to join them at the designated table.

3. Break Camp Details

Can I come to camp for a day or two?

You can come to all of our break camps for a day or two or the entire time we're open, totally up to you. 

Can we attend multiple camp locations?

Yes! Campers are able to change freely between locations!

How much does break camp cost?

Prices for in-person camps are listed on each location page, listed under the "Fees" heading. You can find our list of locations here. Those pages also contain important and helpful specific information about the individual camp location. 

You can also find all of our Camp prices here.

Where are you running camps for breaks?

You can find all of our current break locations here.

4. Refunds, Financial Aid, Tax ID/EIN, and Receipts

Are you offering financial aid this year?

Our 2023 Financial Aid opens February 1st!

We award financial aid to qualifying families based on verification of current income, as well as 2022 income and family size. The income levels necessary for qualification are different by state, due to the variance in cost of living and housing.

Financial Aid passes work similarly to our regular Passes. Financial Aid Day Passes and Summer Passes are awarded for use this year only, are not transferable and cannot be sold. All unused Financial Aid Passes will be automatically refunded in full at summer's end.

Please note that Financial Aid is offered on a yearly basis, and previous acceptance does not guarantee future qualification. All recipients will need to reapply each year. 

To see our 2023 income guidelines, or to submit an application, please visit our Financial Aid page:

What is your Tax ID / EIN? Can I get a detailed receipt?

Our Tax ID / EIN is 62-1742957. The address for our main company address is 58 West Portal Ave #800, San Francisco, CA 94127.


If you need a detailed receipt for FSA or dependent care expenses, you can find one in your account. Just log into your account and navigate to the ‘Billing’ tab. From there, select 'View Receipts', and the year, or custom date range you would like to see.

Your receipt will include your dates of attendance, the associated cost, and our company information (including tax ID).


When will I receive my refund?

We process refunds automatically for all camp locations 10 business days after our last camp closes for each season. For summer, that’s usually mid-September. Once we initiate refunds we send an email to families who are receiving a refund to confirm the refund method. Refunds can take anywhere from 5-10 business days to show up back in your bank account or as a credit card once processed. Refund checks are sent via regular mail, and will come addressed from Bright Horizons.

Will you be providing refunds for camp this year?

Yes! Per usual, we will automatically refund all unused Day Passes in full at the end of each camp season. If you purchased a Summer Pass and end up using less than 30 days, we'll calculate what you would have paid at the daily rate, and then refund you the difference automatically. 

You can see any previously issued refunds by logging into your account and navigating to the 'Billing' tab. Any processed refunds will be listed under 'Transactions'. 

For questions regarding your refund status, or to request an early refund, please reach out to your local director. You can find all of our local contact information on our website

5. Back-Up Care & Enhanced Family Supports

Can I use my Back-Up Care through Bright Horizons at camp?

Absolutely! You can reserve any number of the back-up care days you have in your BH account, buy additional retail days if you need more, and even apply the full value of your back-up care days to the cost of a Summer Pass—which covers all days we’re open in summer. Learn more, here.

And new this year, families are able to reserve their Back-Up Care with Steve & Kate’s Camp now for the entire 2023 summer!

To access early booking, please call your dedicated Bright Horizons call center, or reach out to their contact center at 877-242-2737, and request care at your local Steve & Kate’s Camp.

Please note that instant bookings through your online portal will continue to only be available during the traditional 60 day reservation window. In order to book camp dates further than 60 days out, you will need to call the Bright Horizons contact center. 

Once you reserve your care with Bright Horizons, you will receive an automatic email from Steve & Kate's Camp with a unique link to create or log into an existing account with us. (This might feel like double work but it's the way we make sure your camper has an account and access to all of our materials!)


How do I register through Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports?

To access your Enhanced Family Supports discount, please visit your Bright Horizons benefits page and click on Steve & Kate’s.

You'll need to use the unique link provided on your benefits page to activate the discount. If you have any trouble finding your Bright Horizons Benefits page, please reach out to your company's HR or Benefit team.

For more information please visit our Bright Horizons Enhanced Family Supports page.


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