When you trust kids, they trust themselves.

Every aspect of our program is designed to put kids in charge of their own learning experience.
At Steve & Kate’s, kids try, fail, and learn on their own–they learn to trust their own judgment.
These will ultimately be the kids who are prepared to tackle the challenges of an ever changing world with creativity and confidence.

Fees so flexible you'll need a yoga mat.

1- day pass

Buy any number of Day Passes.

2- any day

Use them any time at any location.

3- refunds

Get a full automatic refund for unused Passes.


Whatever your child’s passion, they can push their limits at our camp.
Stop-motion animation, fashion, coding, breadmaking, sports, music, dance, and so much more.

When is it?

All summer long, from June to August.
Monday to Friday
7:30am until 6pm

Winter, Mid-winter, and Spring Break weeks at select locations.

(Exact dates vary by location)


Our camp is for literally every kid.
Well, if they're between 4 and 12.
We also welcome older kids as mentees!

Note: Colorado summer sites and New York Break weeks serve ages 5 to 12.

Where are we?

Pretty much everywhere. And your passes are good at any location.


"Working parents’ worries dissipate as they contemplate Steve & Kate’s model."

Chicago Tribune

"The children that attend Steve & Kate's blossom and discover a freedom of identity that, in a way, no other institution I've experienced has ever managed. Kids find their thumbprint at Steve & Kate's. My one complaint: Where were they when I was a kid?"

Andrew Stanton

Director of WALL-E, Finding Nemo, & Finding Dory

"If kids ruled the world, it might look something like Steve and Kate’s Camp."

Apple's Hot News

"Steve and Kate’s Camp didn’t set out to cater to the children of folks at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic and the like, but given their philosophy, it’s no surprise so many attend."

Variety magazine

"For families seeking a blend of that traditional camp experience combined with a modern, tech-savvy touch, there’s Steve and Kate’s Camp [which] evokes a laid-back aura true to its California roots, complemented by the company’s Silicon Valley-inspired innovative approaches to everything from programming to payment."

The Washington Post