Get ready for a Summer unlike any other.

It's safe to say that Summer 2020 is currently not going according to anyone's plan. But here at Steve & Kate's Camp we're all about being flexible, so we're rolling with the pandemic and ready to make the most it.

Even with restrictions due to COVID-19, we are committed to empowering kids to choose their activities. Campers will, to the extent possible, be able to plan their own day with the support of our staff. There will be indoor and outdoor options, art and tech, play and performance, and more. The structure and availability of the choices, however, will be different this year compared to previous ones. 

Below you'll find more of the basics of what to expect this summer.

Less Mix. More Mingle.

Campers will be in “stable” groups of 10-12 that do not mix with other S&K groups on campus (or anyone else for that matter). Groups will be assigned consistent staff members, too. If siblings attend, they will be placed in the same group as each other despite any age differences. These groups will remain as stable as possible for the duration of camp. 

During the camp day, each group will have their own indoor space that functions as a mini-camp in terms of activities, which will allow campers the opportunity to immerse themselves into activities that are of interest to them and/or try new activities with their group. Campers and staff will have time to be outdoors as a group, but with a distance of at least 6 feet from any other group. Outdoor activities will include free play, workshops, and shows—social distancing included. We’ll also have Specials to add some spice, like mini golf or laser tag, as long as they can be sanitized between groups.

Wanna get a taste of what we're offering for activities? Check out below:

These represent our current slate of activities for Summer 2020. We intend to add more and will update as we go.

Lockdown Your Week.

Registration will be in weekly blocks, instead of by the day. It’s the first time in 40 years that we won’t be able to allow campers to do daily drop-in. As much as we’d love to be able to have campers join us for just a day or two each week, we won’t be able to fill their spot on missed days. So, please, give us five. That being said, we know that things happen. If your kid does miss a day, we’ll still refund it automatically—COVID may impact flexibility, but it won’t impact what is fair. 

Once you register, we'll reach out to let you sign up for what weeks you want to attend and provide group requests for your child’s friends. If your kid is flying solo, we'll be sure to place them in a group with others their age in the hopes of building new friendships. We will do our absolute best to accommodate all group requests.

Food Included.

Food is a big deal for us. So is having camp be an all-inclusive experience. We plan to offer lunch and snacks; we just need to do so in a manner that fits with safety guidelines and the logistics of our new normal. While we may add options later, we know that we can deliver on campers' favorite item—pizza! Hot from ovens and into sealed boxes, we can get this item into kids' hands without worry. You can, of course, choose to pack something instead or as a supplement, but pizza will be there. We will also offer an array of snacks for kids to nosh on throughout the day. All snacks will arrive to each stable group in closed packages. We will announce the specific line up in the following weeks, but rest assured, tummies will be full.

Health Check? Check.

Staff and campers will have to complete a wellness survey and/or other screening to identify any potential health concerns upon arrival each day. Staff will be required to wear masks throughout the duration of their day; campers will be encouraged to do so.

So Fresh and So Clean.

Due to COVID-19, dates and hours have been adjusted for Summer 2020. These shortened hours allow us time to ensure cleaning protocol can be achieved daily as well as keep our staff in tip top shape. And speaking of cleaning, you can expect the following at all locations: bathrooms cleaned between each group, equipment sanitized and disinfected before use each day, individual places to store camper belongings, and plenty of hand sanitizer, hand washing, and self-applied sunscreen to go around.  

Please note: Specific dates vary by location and are subject to change depending on school calendars and federal and local guidelines. You can find the details below for each of our locations.


Campers between 4 and 12.

Note: Virginia campers must turn five by Sept. 30, 2020. Colorado campers must turn 5 by Oct. 15, 2020. 


Late July to August.
Monday to Friday
8:30am until 5:30pm

(Exact dates vary by location)

How much

Go your location's page to find the pricing for your site; location drop down is below.

Our Locations

Beverly Hills: Postponed until 2021
Manhattan Beach: Postponed until 2021
Pasadena: Postponed until 2021
SF - Sunset: Postponed until 2021
Berkeley: Postponed until 2021
Fremont: Postponed until 2021
San Ramon : Postponed until 2021
Los Altos: Postponed until 2021
Palo Alto: Postponed until 2021
San Carlos: Postponed until 2021
Chicago - Lincoln Park: Postponed until 2021
Boston: Postponed until 2021
North Cambridge: Postponed until 2021
Manhattan - Lower Manhattan: Postponed until 2021
Manhattan - Upper West Side: Postponed until 2021
Portland: Postponed until 2021
Redmond: Postponed until 2021
Seattle: Postponed until 2021

Get answers while social distancing

You're bound to have questions about how this summer will work. We're creating a special Summer 2020 knowledge base just for you (info being added all next week). Still feel like we're missing the answers to your burning questions? No problem. You can always reach out to the Director at your camp location for a more personalized experience.