What makes Steve & Kate’s fees so different?

  • Buy any number of Day Passes or Summer Memberships and use them anytime, anywhere.
  • Upgrade to larger plans at any time to get the best rate.
  • Full automatic refunds for unused Day Passes.
  • Includes lunch, snacks and all hours 7:30 am to 6 pm.
  • (Any more flexible and you’d need a yoga mat.)

The Day Pass

Buy any number of Day Passes and use them anytime. Unused Day Passes will be automatically refunded at summer’s end at the lowest rate you ended up on. You can even upgrade plans and have your previous purchases credited towards the larger plan. Rates are per child, so siblings need to each have the number of Day Passes necessary to qualify for the above rates (ex: Peter and Piper each need 20 Day Passes to both be on the 20-day rate rate). Day Passes can be transferred between siblings if they are on the same rate at the time of transfer.

The Membership

One fee covers the entire summer. If you buy a Membership and end up using fewer than 35 days, we’ll calculate what you would have paid at the 20 Day Pass rate and refund the difference to you automatically. You can even upgrade to a Membership from a day pass plan at any point. Includes one guest pass that covers a day of camp for anyone you’d like (it requires advance registration, is good for 2016 only, and has no monetary value).

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