Steve & Kate's Santa Rosa
· DATES: Jun 12 - Aug 18, 2017
· ADDRESS: Sonoma Country Day School, 4400 Day School Place, Santa Rosa

So much more than camp, a community of connections.

When I joined the Steve & Kate's Camp team in 2012, I thought after the summer was over I would be moving onto a career in academia, teaching sociology. Within a week of being at camp, surrounded by curiosity and creativity with exuberant campers and counselors, I knew that this was a special place. I decided then and there, I wanted to continue to be a part of this special setting. Since that first summer, Steve & Kate's Camp has continued to be a community that I love being a part of. The connections we make with each other, the creations we get to share, the fun that is had by all... this is what keeps me coming back year after year. - Billy

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Steve & Kate's was such an amazing place and opportunity for us; I am so grateful! My son started camp very nervous and shy about meeting new people and being in a totally new environment and ended the summer with incredible self-confidence and a new ability to self-start and play independently. I can't tell you what a huge impact camp has had on him--he told me the other day that he doesn't want to go to school, he just wants to go to Steve & Kate's forever! I have noticed such a huge change in him over the last few months, and I know the lessons learned at camp have stayed with him. He's found a strong interest in doing "projects": sewing, creating out of whatever materials we have laying around and he's able to stay engaged for so much longer than he was before he started camp. All of the counselors knew his name and made sure to say "hi" to him whenever they passed by--I'm so impressed with the enthusiasm and sweet care that they all took of him and all the kids. We have shouted our love for Steve & Kate's from the proverbial rooftops and are so excited that a few of his friends (as well as his little brother) will be joining him this summer--I can't wait for him to experience it again! --Melissa R. (Santa Rosa parent)
It was our first year at Steve and Kate's and we had reservations, after all, this was our first experience at summer camp... but we were over the moon when our son came home that first day and couldn't stop talking about how much he loved camp! What was equally amazing was the S&K staff, who knew his name (and ours) in a matter of days - goes to show they truly invest in each and every child there. Within the first week, I felt the sense of community and FUN and that truly made up for the fact that we couldn't vacation that summer. PLUS, the food was amazing and there were tons of daily activities to keep him busy... oh and there's bread making! By the end of our first 6 weeks, we decided to continue for the full summer and I can honestly say, it was the best summer for our son. In fact, it was such a fun summer, we're going to do it again.... and next year, we'll add another member to the Steve & Kate's fan club when our youngest attends. -- Alma H. (Santa Rosa parent)

Activities for every interest.

Whatever your child’s passion, they can push their limits at our camp.
Stop-motion animation, fashion, coding, breadmaking, sports, music, dance, and so much more.

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What can I expect?

  • Unbiased adults who believe in your child's potential
  • Freedom for children to design their own learning experience
  • Immersive & creative studios with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Healthy and delicious lunch and snacks (plus, kids can make their own!)
  • First-aid and CPR-trained staff

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Location, Location, Location!

Some things you really should know

Camp dates

Jun 12 - Aug 18, 2017

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Once you've entered the campus, you will pass the booth. Drive through the stop sign and continue until you have to turn to the right at the rear of the campus. On your right you will see a pick-up circle. Drive into the pick-up circle and the camp entrance will be directly to your right.

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Steve & Kate's Santa Rosa Info Night #2
Come learn everything there is to know about Steve & Kate's, enjoy some yummy food, and get a tour of where all the action will be this summer. Kids are encourage to attend and ask all of their burning questions. Feel free to bring friends who are curious about what a summer at Steve & Kate's will look like as well - the more, the merrier.
When: Thu May 25th 2017 5:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Where: Sonoma Country Day School, 4400 Day School Place, Santa Rosa, CA, 95403. Drive to the rear of the campus, turn right and look for the drop-off/pick-up circle to your right. We'll be there!
Chat with Billy, Anywhere!
Want to learn about camp, but can't make any of our events? Schedule a meeting with Billy at a place and time that works best for you. Billy will treat you to coffee, ice cream, a lemonade or anything else you'd like to enjoy while chatting about camp. He'll even come to your house! Just give him a holler at the contact information above, and let him know what works for you.
When: Fri June 02nd 2017 9:30 AM - 07:00 PM
Where: You name the place!


Each day at camp, we feature at least one of three show stoppers from our lineup for campers to experience. Directors at each location will decide when and how often to schedule each of these Specials, so feel free to contact your Director to find out what will be scheduled each day.

Slip and Slide - Cool off in style in our inflatable slip and slide. Weather permitting, this will be offered most afternoons. Please bring a swimsuit and towel if your camper would like to participate.

Smart Karts - Get behind the wheel of one of Silicon Valley's latest and greatest inventions: the first electric smart-kart for kids. Campers must wear helmets while driving go-karts. While the camp will provide helmets, we prefer and encourage you to provide your own if you have one and your child would like to participate.

Zorbs - Climb inside of one of our giant 10' inflatable hamster balls and weave your way through an obstacle course as fast as a hamster.

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