Really important legal stuff

Before we get into the fun part, families planning to attend camp in CO, MA, NJ, NY, and VA must use the links below to download some super important paperwork to bring on your first day of camp. Our lawyers told us so.If you’re attending any other location, don’t worry about this. You’re good to go.

Camp is almost here. We can barely sleep.

We’ve been working around the clock since the moment camp ended last summer to make this the best year in our 37-year history. In nine short months, we’ve pulled off some pretty cool stuff:
  • A chance to reflect. We think kids learn best when they can reflect on their work and get inspired for what comes next. So we built The Pool, which is a digital hub that helps kids find inspiration for studios, along with a centralized place to store and share all their work from camp (it also makes checking out your kids’ work way cleaner and easier.)
  • Robots that solve problems. We’ve evolved our robotics program to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and fun for hands-on creativity. This year’s robots are custom-built for overcoming challenges and solving problems. Like boredom.
  • Music to your ears. We’re introducing a brand new DJ station and MIDI board that puts professional-grade music-mixing technology in the palm of your kids’ hands. With simple controls, campers can experiment with their favorite songs by spinning, mixing, and layering sounds from the rest of our music studio. Or you just can grab a karaoke microphone and channel your inner Beyoncé.
  • Lunch, reimagined. We’ve completely revamped our food program with more choice and more daily favorites. Campers order their entree at check-in and have it hand-delivered at lunch. Plus we’ve got plenty of options for campers with dietary restrictions and picky eaters alike.
  • Weekly themes. We’ve created a brand new deep-dive learning experiences called Program Arcs. These Arcs are weekly projects and challenges for campers who want to immerse in their favorite studio or find new inspiration, whether it’s reimagining classic films for Western Week or designing a world-saving costume for Superhero Week.
We want to make sure you and your child(ren) tap into everything Steve & Kate’s has to offer. So we’ve developed this handy guide to help you get the most out of your camp experience.

First, watch these intro videos.

We made a few videos to get you acquainted with camp (the first one was actually made using the same stop-motion animation technology that your kids will get to use at camp.) So grab your kids and kick back with a bowl of organic popcorn.

Now, take a peek at our Activities

Fashion, Coding, Film, Music, and Breadmaking (and more!)

See all camp activities »

Our “Show Up Whenever” Policy

Already have your Day Passes or Memberships? Then just show up whenever you like. Seriously, no need to call, email, or send a hipster courier to let us know when you’re coming (unless you’re in Boston, then the health board requires us to ask for your attendance plans). Regardless of your preferred location, you can attend any location that was still taking registrations at the time you enrolled—though some may need extra paperwork.You don’t even need to bring a registration confirmation email to check in at camp—just your kid(s). We’ll check them in using their name and give them a super-official Camper Pass that they will wear for the day.Want a tour on your first day? We know first days can be hard, so we’ll have staff available to help with first-day tours every day from 8am-9:30am (with the last tour starting around 9:15am). Tours will be happening every 15 minutes, so be sure to allow yourself time in case you arrive between tours. If you come outside of that time, we can still likely give you a tour but you might have to wait a bit for a staff member to be available.

To Bring or Not To Bring? That is the Question.

We’ve got most things covered—lunch, healthy snacks, water, sunscreen (though good for you to apply the first coat at home), limitless fun, and so on. The one thing that we’d love is if you could send a labelled water bottle with your child, since it means less wasted plastic and a generally happier planet.Keep an eye out for announcements at camp to see when we’re doing special activities, since they might call for special things to bring:
  • Water activities? Bring a bathing suit and towel. We have tons of special water days, plus we sometimes use water activities to beat the heat on really hot days.
  • Go-Karts or Drift Trikes? Feel free to bring your own helmet. We’ll obviously provide helmets, but sometimes it’s nice to wear your own.
If you’d like to pack extra layers of clothing, you’re welcome to do so, and we’ll have shelving available for storage. Add your child’s name to the tag so we can return anything that gets lost.We generally encourage kids not to bring any personal items to camp (other than the ones mentioned above) so that they don’t get used or damaged by others who may think they are a camp item. Want more info about our policy around camper belongings? You can find that here.

Daily Game Plan

Be sure to check out the schedule of the day so you can decide when you’d like to drop off and pick up. For drop-off, we usually recommend coming before 9:30am, especially on your first day. For pick-up, anytime after 4:30pm is pretty common. But if your child has their heart set on playing our game show Antlers Up, you don’t want to show up before the game. It’d be like taking a plate of ribeye from a tiger—good luck!

Mmmmmmmmm. Food.

Food is included and kids will place their order for their entree during check-in each day (entrees will be one per child but sides are not limited). Arriving late to check-in? While your child will still be able to choose their entree for the day, it’s possible not all the options will be available. View the menu at your own risk: it has been known to cause salivation and feelings of jealousy towards your children’s tastebuds.If you decide, for whatever reason, to pack a lunch or additional snacks, please leave out any products containing nuts for the safety of other children who may have severe allergies. Our HQ staff will check any foods brought from home, so be sure to clue them in if you have food in your kid’s bag.

Ready for pickup?

For campers to leave, they need to be picked up by someone who has been pre-authorized by you to do so. You can add pick up peeps by logging into your account or the primary account holder can call us at camp.To keep your kids the safest, we will be asking every individual to show ID when they pick up.

Payment Stuff

Can’t get enough of us? If you want more Day Passes during the summer, we make it super easy. Just log into your account, or you can pay on-site at camp.We accept credit cards and electronic check payments (ACH). We do not, however, take cash, checks, bitcoin, or high-fives as forms of payment (we were getting very sore hands).To guarantee space at camp, keep at least one prepaid Day Pass in your account. Any accounts without Day Passes or Memberships are considered closed-out for the summer.If we owe you a refund at the end of the summer, we’ll automatically send it to you by September 18th (10 business days after our last camp closes) or sooner if you paid with electronic check (ACH). Expect an email from us before then letting you know how your refund will come (i.e. physical check, returned to your credit card, etc) It’s as easy as that.

Online Account

Your online account is a hub for all things camp. In addition to updating your information and adding Day Passes, your account is also where you’ll find all of your child’s creations. All finished music recordings, camper-created films, stop-motion animations, and coding apps will be uploaded into your account for your viewing (and sharing!) pleasure. We also upload any action shots that were taken of your kid throughout the day. Grab a sneak peek while you are taking a break during the day, or wait until the evening for a grand viewing with the whole family.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are kept on a clearly-marked shelf at camp. If you notice that your child has come home without a precious item, please contact your camp location immediately. To make it easier for everyone to find your kid’s stuff, be sure to label it. Items that have not been claimed by the end of the week are donated to a worthy cause the following Friday.

Parent Notifications and Emergency Updates

If your child gets sick or has an injury to their head/face/neck while at camp, we’ll give you a call right away. For other injuries (like scraped knees, etc.) our staff will alert the person who picks up the child that day, unless it seems like advanced medical care might be needed sooner. It’s helpful for your account to have all the phone numbers we could reach you at during the camp day, so be sure to update that in your account if you haven’t already included them. And so that you know, if we have trouble getting in touch with you via phone for a serious concern we will reach out to emergency contacts and then pick-up individuals to try and track you down.In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, we want to be sure that parents are able to quickly get status updates even if lots of parents are calling. As a part of our emergency preparedness plan, we will set up a recorded message on our main line at 415-389-5437 and on the specific camp phone line giving the most up-to-the-moment information about actions occurring. Hopefully no one will ever have a need to listen to those recorded messages, but we are ready to put them in place if necessary.

Apparel & Equipment Sales

A while back, we had the crazy idea that we should use brand new equipment every summer. Innovation moves fast, and we didn’t think that kids could reach their creative potential using last year’s technology.The good news for you? At the end of each summer, we sell off the bulk of our equipment, including iPads, cookware, electronics and more, to make room for next year’s inventory. You can check out the sale here.

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At Steve & Kate’s, we trust kids to swing for the fences. So we cultivate an environment where they feel safe enough to make big mistakes and do everything we can to help them understand what happened. That way, they can learn and grow in ways they never imagined.The same thing goes for us. We are on a quest to reinvent summer camp, which means trying out brave new ideas, some of which won’t always work out. So once in a while, we’ll make some big mistakes of our own, whether that’s in the design of our camp activities, our technology, our food program, or otherwise. This never happens on purpose, of course. But sometimes it happens.We promise that we will always make big mistakes, and help your kids do the same. Because if you don’t swing for the fences, you’ll never hit anything out of the park.Think we had a swing and a miss? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the year-round director who oversees your site. If he or she doesn’t provide you with what you need, please reach out to one of our old-timers in HQ at [email protected] On the flip side, if there is something that you appreciate about camp, we’d love to hear that too.

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