Youngest Campers

We believe kids should have license to lead, try without fear and test-out trusting their own instincts. This philosophy applies to campers tall or small, even and especially the youngest campers in our community. While a 4 year old’s perspective and developmental stage means their experience will be unique and perhaps different from older campers’ journeys, it doesn’t exclude them from making choices, decisions and detours that compel them. 

All camp activities are open and accessible to our youngest campers, with additional sidekick support provided by exclusively assigned staff. 4s and 5s can jump or dive in however they prefer: campers are free to bounce around with a home-base huddle, propel themselves solo into the camp-o-sphere, or float back and forth between. Whatever they choose, they choose, and in the process they practice honing their world-conquering dexterity. 

Perks of the Pint-Sized

Extra eyes, ears and hands: specifically-assigned staff offer guidance on getting started, supportive strategies for adjusting, and those oh-so-useful restroom reminders.
A self-paced catapult (or cartwheel, or cautious tip-toe) into camp’s complexities, prioritizing fit and comfort over speed and velocity.
Free range to mingle with older siblings and make friends with campers of all ages.
Closer to ground-level Chuckie, our rubber chicken, discovery (prime real estate).


Campers must be 4 years old by their first day of camp, fully restroom independent, able to speak up for their needs (after some warming up, of course), and enjoy the camp day without a nap. Around camp, 4 and 5 year olds participate in activities with older campers, transition between spaces, change in and out of their own swimsuits, and seek out adults when they need help. If this describes your child, please feel free to register. If not, let’s connect next summer!

Note: Due to state requirements, Georgia campers need to be 5 by their first day of camp. In Colorado, all campers must be 5 by October 15, 2020. In Virginia, all campers must be 5 by September 30, 2020.

*Although not required, our experience has shown that young campers who attend for multiple, consecutive days find more success and satisfaction from their camp experience compared to those who only come for a day or two. They’re able to get into their groove and figure out the flow of things more smoothly.

Not sure if camp is a right fit? Give us a call.