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Registration is now open for Winter Break Camps! See our camp locations & reserve your spot.

Use your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care with Steve & Kate's Camp

Did you know your employer subsidizes summer & holiday camps like Steve & Kate’s through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care?

Since 1980 Steve & Kate’s has put kids in charge of their own learning experience. Campers choose from a variety of activities in real-time, including sewing, stop-motion animation, coding & gaming, makers crafts, baking, sports & recreation, and more. They’ll choose what activities they want to participate in and for how long–designing their day as they go.

You can reserve any number of the back-up care days you have in your BH account, buy additional retail days if you need more, and even apply the full value of your back-up care days to the cost of a Summer Pass—which covers all days we’re open in summer.

How To Use Back-Up Care at Steve & Kate's

Reserve your Back-Up Care through your normal Bright Horizons booking channels, and select your local Steve & Kate’s Camp as the requested provider.

Once reserved, S&K will send you a confirmation email with a registration link to create a Steve & Kate’s Camp account.

Then, you’re ready for camp!

Steve & Kate’s provides lunch, snacks, and all activities, so you just need to show up on your dates of care.

Need More Care?

 For those looking for more constant care, we offer a Summer Pass, which provides unlimited care at Steve & Kate’s Camp for the entire summer. You can now apply the full value of your Back-Up Care days to the cost of a Summer Pass. Learn how, here!

Kind Words About Our Camps

"If kids ruled the world, it might look something like Steve and Kate’s Camp."
Apple's Hot News

"Working parents’ worries dissipate as they contemplate Steve & Kate’s model."
Chicago Tribune

"The children that attend Steve & Kate's blossom and discover a freedom of identity that, in a way, no other institution I've experienced has ever managed. Kids find their thumbprint at Steve & Kate's. My one complaint: Where were they when I was a kid?"
Andrew Stanton

Director of WALL-E, Finding Nemo, & Finding Dory

"Steve and Kate’s Camp didn’t set out to cater to the children of folks at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic and the like, but given their philosophy, it’s no surprise so many attend."
Variety magazine

"For families seeking a blend of that traditional camp experience combined with a modern, tech-savvy touch, there’s Steve and Kate’s Camp [which] evokes a laid-back aura true to its California roots, complemented by the company’s Silicon Valley-inspired innovative approaches to everything from programming to payment."
The Washington Post

Activities For Every Interest

In the early morning and late afternoons at camp, children ramp up and wind down with recreational choices. For the bulk of the day, children will choose from the activities listed below. While we can’t say exactly what the day will look like, one thing is for sure: The campers are in control.



Campers use scaffolded coding apps to build & play games. They'll also create stop-motion animations, movies, & music, as well as have access to other design tools.


Hand & machine sewing are available for campers of all ages as well as options for embroidery, knitting, & other artistic flare.


Imagination is the limit on what campers will create with a mix of basic maker kits, crafts, and art supplies.


Jump into the spotlight with dancing and karaoke, as well as performing art games, performances, & specials.


Experienced bakers & professional taste-testers unite to experiment with different bread recipes & creations. Kids choose from a variety of fillings, spices, & add-ons to customize the flavors before & after they bake
sports and recreation


Campers and staff join together to play soccer, gaga, capture the flag, or whatever games children are interested in that day.


Each week we'll bring in a show-stopping special such as a giant inflatable, race cars, or a climbing wall. Check out our 2022 weekly activity schedule!
Pie day


At Steve & Kate's, Fridays are Pie Day! Our 40+ year tradition continues of ending the week with a whipped cream pie to the face.
slip n slide/ water play


When the weather gets hot, we'll cool down with water games & activities such as water tag, sprinklers, or an inflatable slip n' slide.


What's a Summer Pass, and how do I apply the value of my Back-Up Care days toward one?

Steve & Kate’s Camp Summer Pass is a flat rate that covers any day we’re open for a camp season. It includes lunch, snacks, and all hours (8am–6pm).

And now, families can apply the full retail value of their Back-Up Care days toward the cost of a Summer Pass!

To use this option, just purchase your supplemental Day Passes as soon as you’re ready, and then reserve your Back-Up Care days when the 60 day reservation window opens.

Once you have a total of 30* Day Passes in your account, whether they’re Back-Up Care days or purchased through us, you’ll automatically be upgraded to a Summer Pass.

*25 Day Passes are needed for a Summer Pass in D.C & Austin due to the shortened length of summer.

What is Steve & Kate's Camp?

Steve & Kate’s is a summer day camp that operates in more than 40 locations across the U.S. We also have winter & spring break camps in select cities.

For 42 years, we’ve put kids in charge of their own learning experience. They try, fail, and learn on their own. They learn to trust their own judgment, and tackle the challenges of an ever changing world with creativity and confidence.


When can I use my benefits for camp?

You can use your Back-Up Care benefits for any camp day we’re open! Once Bright Horizon opens its reservation system 60 days out from the anticipated date of care (depending on your employer’s program), you can reserve your days through their system. If you have any questions specific to your benefits, please be sure to reach out to Bright Horizons or your benefits team.

What if I don't have enough Back-Up Care days to cover all the dates I need?

No worries! Families can supplement their Back-Up Care days by purchasing Passes directly through us at any time. Just log into your account and navigate to the ‘Plans’ tab to purchase Day Passes.

You can also apply your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care days toward the cost of a Summer Pass, which is good for any day we’re open that camp season. To use this option, just purchase your supplemental Day Passes now, and then reserve your Back-Up Care days when the 60 day window opens.

Once you have a total of 30* Day Passes in your account (whether they’re Bright Horizon days or purchased through us), you’ll automatically be upgraded to a Summer Pass.

*25 Day Passes are needed for a Summer Pass in D.C. & Austin due to the shortened length of summer.

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Once your 60 day reservation window opens, log in to your My Bright Horizons account or call the general Back-Up Care booking line at 877-242-2737 to reserve your care with Steve & Kate’s Camp!