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Steve & Kate's Virtual Camp

A curated group of award winning classes and clubs on one easy-to-use platform. Exclusive to back-up care.

Since 1980, Steve & Kate’s has put kids in charge of their own learning experience at our in-person camps. Kids choose minute to minute from a wide range of activities. They learn to trust their own judgment, and tackle the challenges of an ever changing world with creativity and confidence.

We’re bringing our approach online for a virtual camp experience, available to our Bright Horizons Back-Up Care families. Kids can log on anytime and choose whatever peaks their interest in real-time. We’ve gathered some of the best online camps, classes and clubs on our platform that offer everything from crafts to Roblox, fitness to Minecraft, acting games to graphic design, and more. We even have a live concierge to greet kids, answer their questions, and help them navigate the site so that parents can stay focused on work!

The Details

Children ages 3–12 are welcome!

9am–8pm ET

Virtual Camp can be accessed through your S&K account.
Registered families can login here!


Check out our amazing partners!

We've partnered with the acclaimed groups below to bring robust programming from STEAM and crafts, to fitness and games:

Check out Create & Learn’s global STEM online education platform, headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. Our mission is to help children develop creativity and critical thinking, while learning important computer science skills for success.

With a systemic learning path for every age and interest, your student will discover their love for computer science.

To learn more, visit Create & Learn.

Tech Revolution, the World’s #1 Tech Camp and Academy, offers 60+ cutting-edge courses in some of the hottest tech topics for ages 6-14 across the country. By embracing the concept that kids should love what they do, we offer cutting-edge courses that feature top-notch curricula taught by passionate and purpose-driven instructors. Students engage in lots of hands-on, experiential learning, make friends, and have tons of fun! Some of the incredible offerings you have access to in the platform include: Minecraft Builds, Adventures and Tournaments;, Roblox Builds, Gameplay, and Tournaments;, and Digital Art. Tech Revolution is powered by Lavner Education.

To learn more, visit Lavner Education.

Beanstalk brings together the perfect balance of early education and entertainment to create a magical preschool experience for kids ages 3-6. As a leading live interactive learning platform, children connect with engaging teachers and other children while they learn STEM, music, art, movement, imagination play, and more. Beanstalk’s mission is to create a healthy screen time option for children while inspiring kindness and creative confidence. As a trusted resource for parents, Beanstalk delivers thoughtful content that inspires, educates, and entertains.

Visit Beanstalk to learn more.

Live, interactive enrichment classes that make learning FUN. Kids participate in choose-your-own-”learning adventures” led by pirates, mad scientists, and other SUPER magical characters. Each class is designed to boost confidence, develop social and emotional skills, and foster a love of learning. Choose from classes on art, STEM, history, music, dance, and more!

Visit Supernow to learn more.

Lavner Fitness offers a unique lineup of online fitness classes for kids that promote skill building, health, self-confidence, and the importance of having fun. Each class is offered live/online and features instruction and inspirational coaching from dynamic Lavner instructors. Lavner Fitness leverages its expertise in technology to create virtual backgrounds, worlds, and experiences that create an incredible connected fitness experience. Classes include: Yoga, Martial Arts, Cardio Boxing, and The Amazing Race – Minecraft & Roblox Workouts. Lavner Fitness is powered by Lavner Education.

To learn more, visit Lavner Fitness.

Virtual Camp Schedule

Browse a sampling of our virtual activities below, or view a live schedule to see the exact activities for the date(s) you’re joining us! The live schedule is available for up to two weeks ahead of time, so just pick your date at the top of the screen to see what we have in store for ya that day:

Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-3.49.05-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-21-at-11.44.43-AM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.18.08-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-3.58.08-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.26.05-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.04.38-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.05.25-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.04.28-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.19.45-PM Screen- (1) Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.17.58-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.18.17-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.26.18-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.25.31-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.26.11-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.25.55-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-3.49.32-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.25.48-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.25.40-PM Screen-Shot-2022-01-18-at-4.24.32-PM

How It Works

Reserve your Back-Up Care through your normal Bright Horizons booking channels, or get started by registering on the Back-Up Care website, here.

When booking your dates of care, select Steve & Kate’s Virtual Camp as the requested provider.

Once you’ve reserved your care through Bright Horizons, we’ll automatically send you a confirmation email with a registration link for camp.

Click your unique registration link to create, or update an existing, account with us.

Virtual Camp can be accessed through your S&K account.
Registered families can login here!

My daughter was burned out on "virtual" class and camp but Steve and Kate's managed to bring the same zany fun of their in person camp to the online programs.
S&K Virtual Camp Family

Virtual Camp

It was great to see kids from other Steve & Kate’s camps during virtual online camp. My daughter got to share her finger knitting skills she picked up at our S&K camp last year and was so proud! Also loved the Improv class which got my son out of his shell!
S&K Virtual Camp Family

My daughter said she loved it because the online camp felt just like being in-person at Steve & Kate's!
S&K Virtual Camp Family

Ready to book?

Login to your My Bright Horizons account or call the general Back-Up Care booking line at 877-242-2737 to reserve your care with Steve & Kate’s Camp!

Please note that Steve & Kate’s Virtual Camp is currently only available through Bright Horizons Back-Up Care. If your company doesn’t provide Back-Up Care through Bright Horizons, you’re welcome to join one of our in-person camps. Find an in-person camp near you, here.


Please reach out to Bright Horizons or your benefits team for any questions about your Bright Horizons Back-Up Care benefits. If you have questions about Steve & Kate's, our year-round Virtual Camp team would be happy to connect with you! Please reach out to our team at anytime:


This is Marina’s 3rd year with Steve & Kate’s Camp! Marina’s favorite activities include dance, anything from ballet to bachata, as well as fostering sick dogs. Over the past 2 years she has rescued a total of 8 puppies…and ended up adopting 3 of them!

This year Marina is most excited to talk to all the campers online!