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CHICAGO SUMMER CAMP · DATES: 6/28–8/20 · AGES: 4–12 · ADDRESS: LaSalle II Magnet School, 1148 N. Honore St. Chicago, IL ‎60622 · · 773.219.0496

In addition to completing our daily Express Check In, all campers attending this location will need to complete CPS' required Health Form prior to arriving to camp each day.

Steve & Kate's

West Loop Summer Day Camp

Kids Take Charge

At Camp, kids take chances and take charge, shaping their day, their way. More choices and fewer expectations creates more possibilities, more self-trust and less self-doubt. 

Our adaptability works to our advantage. Right now we can’t quite operate as usual, but we’ve made the most of mandates and modifications so that kids can make moves (or movies, or magic monster mittens) that matter to them.

Fair And Flexible Fees

Buy any number of days (or weeks, due to pandemic procedures) without worrying you’ll lose what you don’t use. If plans un-plan or cancellations crop-up, we’ll always issue refunds for any unused Passes after the Camp session wraps for the season. It’s how our enrollment rolls with the punches.

New Format, Same Flex

Modifications are required for both registration and rollout of activities as we navigate pandemic protocols. Booking by week instead of by day, and moving through Camp in smaller pod-like “Squads” will feel different than past years. But, these adjustments are temporary (and for everyone’s safety) and won’t compromise our commitment to featuring fan favorite programming and issuing fair, automatic refunds.


What The Day Will Look Like

After registration, but before attending, campers select and sign up for an interest-based, pod-like group, called Squads. At Camp, they’ll gather with their fellow enthusiasts in indoor or outdoor spaces, to immerse themselves in activities or pursue projects with an emphasis that speaks to their tastes (or, in Sampler Squads, a little bit of everything!). Each Squad will have related go-to supplies and equipment, as well as general goodies for games and artistic freestyling. 

Campers will also have the opportunity to enjoy outdoor classes, socially distanced indoor and outdoor rec, performances, fan-favorites like Gameshow, gaga, and wacky inflatables, or cruise a circuit of rotating activities featuring Lego blocks, dynamic marble runs and more. All activities are available to every camper, no matter their age.

Our current Squad list looks a little like this: 

Interest-Based Squads

Campers sign up for these "mini-camps" within the camp before attending.


Stitching Society

Sewing with sewing machines, knitting, crochet, hand sewing and embroidery


Maker Crafts

Basic maker kits, fort building, digital drawing with a stylus, and Rexlace


Sampler Squad

Tastes and tries of sewing machine projects, animation, coding/digital games, board games, Rexlace, game tables, and arcade favorites

Rotating Activities

These activities cruise through Squads for more chances to choose.


Food or Clay Activity

Campers can get their hands messy making something to eat or sculpting something to take home


Dynamic Marble Runs

Marble sports are the in-thing this year and campers can create their own raceways that twist, turn and send marbles flying down the track


Nintendo Switch™

When campers can't visit the camp Arcade, we bring it to them


Sewing machine and Basic Supplies

For Squads that don't specialize in sewing, this kit makes the rounds for campers who want to get crafty


Animation Stations

Campers create their own stop-motion movies and shorts with our custom Animation Stations. Kids will run the entire show from designing the sets & story, to editing the final project


Dominoes and LEGO

Building with blocks never goes out of style and doing it with your friends adds a whole other dimension

Classes, Specials, Water and Outdoor Play

Campers may choose to venture beyond their Squad and participate in socially distanced classes, performances and good ol' outdoor play. These will differ depending on location.


Special Daily Events

Performances such as a magician, a dance troupe or a stunt bicycle rider


Active Outdoor Classes

Possibilities include martial arts, yoga, and hip-hop dances


Giant Games

Mancala, Jenga, Connect 4, and other favorites will be available all summer


Recreation Specials

A climbing wall, inflatable obstacle course, and other large active recreational equipment are all possible this summer


Online Workshops

Campers will be able to log-in to a variety of Online sessions throughout the day



This camper favorite involves dodging, striking, running and jumping a rubber playground ball in an octagonal walled pit

West Loop Weekly Specials

Check out what Specials are coming to your location each week! Specials will be used by one group at a time and sanitized between uses. Water activities will be M–TH. Get Excited.

Giant Twister - Old game, new twist! Imagine stretching and reaching on an inflatable mattress with your friends.

Balloon Blaster (Thursday & Friday)- Be ready to get loud and pump your arms! Be the first to get your balloon to pop. 

*Please note, we're closed on July 5th in observance of the 4th of July. 

Hungry Hippo (Friday Only)– Here is your chance to play it as a life-size way! Come  "hungry" for something new, fun, and exciting!

James Chan Virtual Magic Show - Wednesday, July 14th at 2 p.m. 

Axe Throwing Contest – This trendy game is available to our campers now as an inflatable. The axes are inflatable, too; don't worry! 

Comedy Sportz Virtual Show - Thursday, July 22nd at 2 p.m. 

Inflatable Obstacle Course (Friday Only) -Race your squadmate or squad leader through this challenging course. See who is the first to get to the other side and win!

Tie Dying - Each squad will have a chance this week to tie dye an item of their choice from home (t-shirt, socks, bandana, you name it!) Please have your camper bring their item on Monday. They will bring it home by Friday ready to be washed. 

4 in 1 Sports Mania - Campers can shoot, kick and toss with this fact action pop-a-shot style game. Compete with a friend or against yourself!

Little Miss Ann Outdoor Mini Concert Series - Wednesday, August 5th beginning at 10 a.m. 

Safe Archery – Campers will practice hand eye coordination and focus in this inflatable version of archery. The arrows have foam tips in case the bullseye isn't hit the first time, every time. 

Tiny Tails Virtual Animal Show - Wednesday, August 11 at 2 p.m. 

Disco Dome (Friday Only)– Sing, dance & go out with a big bounce. 



Our sites are staffed with kids’ number one fans, hailing from all kinds of backgrounds but with the common denominator being they’re all about our campers. Curious, compassionate and creative, both our year-round and seasonal teams are eager and equipped to give kids just the right amount of structure and guidance.

All staff members are at least 18 years old, are background checked, and are trained in CPR and First-Aid. Counselors will wear masks at all times and are trained on all COVID-19 best practices.


Lunch Is On Us

We provide lunch and snacks in alignment with the current state safety guidelines of our new normal. While more options will be added later, we know that we can provide caesar salad and sunbutter and jelly sandwiches daily, on top of campers' favorite item: pizza. Hot from ovens and in sealed boxes, we can get this item safely into kids' hands without worry. You can, of course, choose to pack something instead or as a supplement.

We’ll also offer an array of snacks for kids to nosh on throughout the day. All snacks will arrive to each squad pre-portioned. We’ll announce specific line-ups closer to the start of season, but rest assured, tummies will be full.

Daily Menu

V = Vegetarian, VV=Vegan, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free, SF = Soy Free, EF = Egg Free

No items contain nuts or nut products. However, some may have been prepared in areas that also produce items with nuts.

We are proud to partner with local, sustainable HandCut Foods as well as support our friends at Sarpino's with our menu.


Cheese Pizza (V)

Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich (V)(EF)

By Handcut Foods:
Chicken Caesar Salad (Can be made DF, SF, EF)

Nitrite Free Hotdog  (DF, EF)

Cavatappi Pasta with Plant-Based Ragu (V,W)


Cheese Pizza (V)

Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich (V)(EF)

By Handcut Foods:
Chicken Caesar Salad (Can be made DF, SF, EF)

Nitrite Free Hotdog  (DF, EF)

Classic Beef Burger (DF, SF, EF)


Cheese Pizza (V)

Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich (V)(EF)

By Handcut Foods:
Chicken Caesar Salad (Can be made DF, SF, EF)

Nitrite Free Hotdog  (DF, EF)

Breaded Chicken Tenders (DF, SF, EF)


Cheese Pizza (V)

Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich (V)(EF)

By Handcut Foods:
Chicken Caesar Salad (Can be made DF, SF, EF)

Nitrite Free Hotdog  (DF, EF)

Baked Mac & Cheese (V, SF)


Cheese Pizza (V)

Sunbutter & Jelly Sandwich (V)(EF)

By Handcut Foods:
Chicken Caesar Salad (Can be made DF, SF, EF)

Nitrite Free Hotdog  (DF, EF)

BBQ Chicken Drumsticks (GF, DF, SF, EF)


Flexible and Fair

For as long as COVID regulations require it, registration will be in weekly blocks, instead of by the day (which is our norm). So, please think about your plans in weekly increments. That being said, we know that things happen. If you do miss a day, we’ll still refund it automatically—COVID may impact flexibility, but it won’t impact what is fair. Fees include lunch, snacks and all hours 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Day Pass

Registration will be in weekly blocks, instead of by the day (our norm). So, please think about your plans in weekly increments. That being said, we know that things happen. If you do unexpectedly miss a day, we’ll still refund it automatically at summer's end.

$105 per day

Summer Pass

For anyone attending more than 30 days, consider our Summer Pass, with one fee that covers the entire summer. If you end up coming to camp less, worry not. We’ll add up what you would have paid at the Day Pass rate and refund the difference automatically at summer's end.

$3,150 per child

Steve & Kate’s also offers limited need-based financial aid to qualifying families. For more information please see our Financial Aid page.

We strongly encourage families to read our COVID-19 page prior to registering.

Camp Basics

Dates & Times

June 28 - August 20, 2021
Mon.–Fri. 8:00am–6:00pm

*All locations are closed on July 5th


LaSalle II Magnet School
1148 N. Honore St.
Chicago, IL ‎60622

*Our main entrance is on Wolcott Ave


In Chicago, we welcome campers between the ages of 4-12

Contact Us

Online...for now

We want to meet you and your camper. Our directors work year-round and would love to help you learn more about our program and at the same time learn more about you and your camper. To keep everyone as safe as possible, we're encouraging families to email, call, or schedule a virtual hangout with their director.

Local Director


This will be Amy's fifth summer as a director, but she's worked at our Chicago camp locations since they opened in 2015. When not at camp, you can usually find Amy coaching or playing volleyball, or hanging out with her English Bulldog, Rue. She's currently teaching herself American Sign Language, and would love to learn any signs campers know and want to share.

This summer Amy is excited to see old families and meet new ones, while providing a safe experience for the campers.

Still have questions? We’d love to chat and see how we can tailor camp to you! Get in touch with Amy, your West Loop Director:

Call or text: 773-219-0496 |

Amy- Chicago

Kind Words

Testimonials From Our Summer Camp in West Loop

Our daughter has been attending Steve & Kate’s camp for 3 summers at the West Loop location. Steve & Kate’s has been a great experience for our entire family. As a parent I love the convince of an open time frame throughout the day. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the staff connected me with my daughter, learned her name, and my name as well. Getting to really know and relate to the staff helped ease my mind about leaving my daughter at camp for the day. In fact, as a family we have befriended 2 -3 of the staff members and they are now more like family. The facility was always clean, organized, and well maintained. We are grateful to have found Steve & Kate’s camp and so grateful to have connected with Amy the director. Our daughter looks forward to eventually mentoring at Steve & Kate's in a year or two.

Rachel G.

(S&K parent)

Steve & Kate’s is amazing. My daughters talk about going all year long! It can be difficult to drop your kids off somewhere all day while you work. In three summers at Steve & Kate’s, I️ have never once had my kids say they didn’t want to go in the morning... and they have often complained I️ pick them up too early. It’s a wonderful feeling to know your kids are not only safe but having tons of fun. The staff is amazing, they are people who are genuinely interested in working with kids. Would recommend Steve & Kate’s to anyone!

Kate F.

(S&K parent)

My son loves Steve & Kate's! He started going there when he was 4 and though I was initially worried about how he'd do in the new environment everyone was so supporting and helpful that he did just fine. He's now 6 and is eager to get back there as soon as he can. I love that they promote self-exploration. He's come home with superhero masks and capes he made himself as well with a new found knowledge of checkers and chess. I also like that they rally all together every morning and value equity and diversity. There is a lot of kindness and support at Steve & Kates, which helps teach my son the type of values I want him to have as he grows. 

Monica S.

(S&K parent)

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Please Note

Really Important Camp Information

  • Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures Please share with anyone picking up or dropping off your camper(s). Our main entrance is on Wolcott Ave. 
  • Squads will be “stable,” made up of 10-18 campers (depending on local regulations), and won’t mix with other groups on campus. Squads will be assigned consistent staff members, too. Squads will remain as stable as possible for the duration of camp. Squad equipment and materials will be sanitized throughout the day.
  • Staff and campers will have to complete a wellness survey and/or other screening to identify any potential health concerns upon arrival each day. CPS also requires families complete their health screening form, daily.
  • You can expect the following at all locations: bathrooms cleaned between each group, equipment sanitized and disinfected before use each day, individual places to store camper belongings, and plenty of hand sanitizer, hand washing, and self-applied sunscreen to go around.
  • With this new location, we're excited to be able to offer field and water play for campers M-Th. Please have your campers bring water gear & a towel.
  • Don't forget to brinig a water bottle & wear a mask.
  • Check out our virtual camp orientation for details relevant to all of our camp locations, including how to check-in and check-out, what to bring (and not bring) and more.