Steve & Kate's Portland
· DATES: Jun 18 - Aug 31, 2018
· ADDRESS: All Saints School, 601 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd, Portland

I believe in your child.

I'm here to make sure camp keeps moving along safely and smoothly all summer long, and put my own spin on new camp games and activities! Over all, I want to have fun and always be available to answer any questions or concerns you have - as I know trusting us to care for your kids every day all summer is the greatest responsibility. Into the future I look forward to continuing the trend of finding the best counselors for our campers every summer who believe that your kids are capable of anything and bring fresh new energy and ideas to Steve & Kates in Portland!

Jesse Mojica, Self-Director
503-451-3032 |

Unique things about this location

  • A huge blacktop ready for scootering and epic tag games.
  • A separate cafeteria to really set the mood for lunch.
  • Water Play is GUARANTEED to be available on hot days (90 degrees and higher). We recommend that families apply sunblock at home and send children with a bathing suit or change of clothes, and a towel.
  • Scooters (i.e. Razor scooters) are allowed at camp with helmets from home. Bicycles can be locked up on campus but cannot be used during the camp day, as well as roller blades, skateboards, etc.
  • Please leave personal electronic devices or valuables at home (we don't want any to get lost or damaged!). If campers have any devices or personal items that they absolutely must have or want to use for camp projects, please leave it in HQ so we can keep it safe and campers can come in to HQ for when they would like to use it.

Location, Location, Location!

Really important information about Portland

  • BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW FOR THE VIRTUAL ORIENTATION. This provides information relevant to all of our camp locations, including information and videos about how to check-in/check-out, what to bring (and not bring), and so much more.

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Activities for every interest.

Whatever your child’s passion, they can push their limits at our camp.
Stop-motion animation, fashion, coding, breadmaking, sports, music, dance, and so much more.

Sports – Each day, we’ll offer a featured sport for campers of all ages and abilities, and we’ll also schedule other active games throughout the day to spice things up.


Each day at camp, we offer at least one showstopper activity from our lineup of Specials. The Director at each location will decide when and how often to schedule each of their four Specials, so feel free to contact your Director to find out what will be scheduled each day.

Drone Dome – Go head to head against other campers racing real drones in our custom Drone Dome flight obstacle course.

Magic Floor – Campers play a variety of games in an immerisive virtual 'playground' created by a state-of-art interative overhead projector.

Stadium – Jump into a game of hockey, soccer, dodgeball, or pillow polo inside of our custom inflatable stadium designed to amplify the action!

Water Tag – Dodge oncoming water balloons while weaving your way through sprinklers and other water obstacles. Check with the Director to find out when this will be scheduled, and bring a swimsuit and towel if your child would like to participate.


VG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free, SF = Soy Free, EF = Egg Free

No items contain nuts or nut products. However, some may have been prepared in areas that also produce items with nuts.

Everyday items

  • Pizza - A classic slice of cheese pizza from Slice Pizza.
  • Sandwich - Choice of nitrate and nitrite free turkey, ham, and cheddar on a ciabatta roll with condiments on the side. (EF, possible to make VG, GF and DF)
  • Hot dog - All-beef dog raised w/o antibiotics and free of phosphates, nitrates and nitrites. Condiments on the side. (EF, DF, possible to make GF)

Daily specials

  • Rice & Bean Burrito - Rice, beans, salsa fresca, and monterey jack cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla from Pepino's Mexican Grill. (VG, EF)
  • Chicken Tacos - Chicken, rice, and beans in corn tortillas from Pepino's Mexican Grill. (GF, DF, EF)
  • Chicken Chow Mien - Egg noodles with chicken and stir fry veggies from Shandong. (DF)
  • Veggie Fried Rice - Rice, egg, and stir fried veggies with some salt and pepper to finish from Shandong. (VG, GF, DF, SF, contains sesame)
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs - Spaghetti noodles with beef/pork meatballs in marinara sauce from Pastini. (SF)
  • Fettuccine Alfredo - Cheesy and creamy fettuccine pasta from Pastini. (VG, SF, EF)
  • California Sushi Burrito - California Roll in hand-held form from Let's Roll PDX. (DF)
  • Chicken Katsu Musubi - Rice, Chicken, and Katsu sauce wrapped in seaweed from Let's Roll PDX. (DF, EF)
  • Mac-n-Cheese - Creamy and cheesy wheat pasta from Pastini. (VG, SF, EF)
  • Chicken & Butter Pasta - Wheat pasta tossed with grilled chicken and parmesan cheese from Pastini. (EF)

The basics

Contact info

All Saints School,
601 NE Cesar E Chavez Blvd,
Portland, OR 97232

Email Jesse:

Call or text Jesse:

Camp dates

Jun 18 - Aug 31, 2018

Need more camp? Day Passes and Memberships can be used at any location.


Enter through Laddington Ct and turn into the All Saints parking lot. Parking is available in the lot and along Laddington Ct. The camp entrance is at the far end of the All Saints parking lot.


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THANK YOU for another outstanding summer! You and your staff are wonderful. You're thoughtful, responsive, and truly are passionate about what you do and clearly it shows! Already looking forward to next year! - Heidi (Portland parent)
I tell anyone who asks about the camp (and even people who don't) how great it is. I had a hard time finding someplace that was flexible, worked with my schedule and that my child would like and this was it. - Monica (Portland parent)
Our son is going on his 4th summer with Steve & Kate’s and as a working family, we love the flexibility of drop off, pick up and the catered lunch. Our son loves the freedom he has to pick what he wants to do during the day and he has surprised us with his choices over the years – he’s learned to make Lego movies, played sports and foosball, and spent one summer dancing in dance studio. What we like most about Steve and Kate’s in particular and the reason we keep coming back every year is that this camp allows our son to have the type of summer we want for him – playing with his summer friends (who also come back every year), making the choices over what they want to do in a safe, loving and fun environment. - Jennifer (Portland parent)


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$110 per day

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$2,700 per child
(54 days of camp)

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