Steve & Kate Online—Where Kids Are In Charge

Steve & Kate’s has always been about putting kids in charge—they leap and lead, today, to build the self-confidence they’ll need to wrangle unknowns tomorrow. We’re now bringing our approach online.

Kids log on and choose from crafty activities, goofy activities, dancey activities, gamey activities and more. And just like at our in-person camps, we create a community where kids are able to be themselves and connect with others who share their passions.

Children’s worlds have gotten a whole lot smaller lately. Our goal is to open them back up.

An Online World Of Possibilities

We set up “live rooms” by activity and kids pursue, sample, and dive into whatever makes them happy. In each “room”, kids will find others geeking out over common interests. Activities include: Animation, Costume Challenges, Crochet, Dance, DIY Workouts, Gameshow, Improv, Magic the Gathering, Milk and Cookie Hour, Music Appreciation, Pet Yoga, Storytelling and more to come. You can log in to your account anytime to view the daily schedule. We maintain small group sizes to better foster real relationships. 

We can’t say exactly what each day will look like, where they’ll go, or what kids will wind up whipping up, but one thing’s for sure: kids are in charge. 

Activities include:






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And others...

Animation—Learn a few tips as you create a group animation project.

Costume Challenge—Create a costume with stuff around the house and show it off on our virtual runway!

Crochet/Friendship Bracelets—We’ll show you the steps as you join the chatty crochet corner of S&K Online.

Milk and Cookie Hour—Sometimes you just need a cookie. Bring one, or make one, and come chat with us about life stuck at home.

Music Appreciation—Music is everything. If you have a song that you love, come share it with the group.

Pet Yoga—We’ll show you yoga poses. You show them to your pets. Giggles are guaranteed.

Storytelling Showcase—Ever wanted to star in a mini series? Show up to create the story, act and be recorded for a final project to share with your family.

What's in my kitchen?—Grab 3 items and we’ll make up recipes for what you can do with that food.

S&K Clubhouse: A Camper Concierge service at your fingertips. Have questions? Unsure what to do? Or maybe you and another camp buddy just want to get together and play your own game, or do your own activity. The Clubhouse is the spot to do just that.

Drawing:  Feeling Artistic?  Just want to create and need tips?  This is the session for you!  No experience required.

Virtual Shows

Every Tuesday and Thursday we will have a virtual Performance or Workshop including animal shows, magicians, karate and more!

Show Schedule

Bubble Dad (September 22nd)

Bubbledad will wow campers with a show full of bubbles! Big bubbles, weird bubbles, smoky bubbles and more! After the show, Bubbledad will teach campers how to make three bubble wands from materials found in their homes. Check out the materials list here!

Little Explorers Petting Zoo (September 24th)

Kris will teach campers about animals who have amazing adaptations. Animals will visit with campers virtually on the call and may include a chameleon, a blue tongued skink, Australian walking stick and others.

Circus Greg- Science Circus (October 6th)

Professional knucklehead and silly scientist Gregory will take campers on a tour of the scientific principles behind his circus skills. As a former Ringling Brothers Circus performer, Gregory uses juggling, rolling globe walking, lasso spinning, and other amazing tricks to explore Newton’s Laws, Gyroscopic Motion, and Center of Gravity. This show will be followed by a workshop where campers can practice what they've learned. If your camper is interested in participating in the workshop they will need paper napkins, 4-6 plastic straws, and 6-10 pennies

Flexible And Fair

Buy any number of Online Day Passes, use them anytime, and get a refund for unused Passes.

Each day we offer 3 hours of activities. Each Online Day Pass allows kids to log on for as much or as little as they’d like during that window—they have unlimited access.


Kids 4 to 12
We recommend that children under 6 be with an older sibling, parent or helper.


Every Monday- Friday
Aug 3rd-Sep 4th
10 am-1pm PT / 1pm-4pm ET

Extended through
Sep 11th
(excluding Labor Day)


Begins Monday, Sep 21
Monday - Friday

Session A: 2pm-5pm EST
Session B: 2pm-5pm PST


Per Online Day Pass/child.
Each Pass gets you unlimited access to our 3 hour day of activities.


My daughter was burned out on "virtual" class and camp but Steve and Kate's managed to bring the same zany fun of their in person camp to the online programs.

It was great to see kids from other Steve & Kate’s camps during virtual online camp. My daughter got to share her finger knitting skills she picked up at our S&K camp last year and was so proud! Also loved the Improv class which got my son out of his shell!

My daughter said she loved it because the online camp felt just like being in-person at Steve & Kate's!