Steve & Kate Online—Where Kids Are In Charge

Steve & Kate’s has always been about putting kids in charge—they leap and lead, today, to build the self-confidence they’ll need to wrangle unknowns tomorrow. We’re now bringing our approach online for a virtual camp experience.

Kids log on and choose from crafty activities, goofy activities, dancey activities, gamey activities and more. And just like at our in-person camps, we create a community where kids are able to be themselves and connect with others who share their passions.

Children’s worlds have gotten a whole lot smaller lately. Our goal is to open them back up.

An Online World Of Possibilities

We set up “live rooms” by activity and kids pursue, sample, and dive into whatever makes them happy. In each “room”, kids will find others geeking out over common interests. Virtual camp activities include: Animation, Costume Challenges, Crochet, Dance, DIY Workouts, Gameshow, Improv, Magic the Gathering, Milk and Cookie Hour, Music Appreciation, Pet Yoga, Storytelling and more. You can log in to your account anytime to view the daily Online camp schedule. We maintain small group sizes to better foster real relationships within our live, virtual camp world.

We can’t say exactly what each day will look like, where they’ll go, or what kids will wind up whipping up, but one thing’s for sure: kids are in charge. 

Online Camp Activities Include:






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And more...

Animation–Learn a few tips as you create a group animation project. Access our unique S&K DIY tutorials to walk you through tips and tricks of perfecting your Stop Motion and 2D projects. If you don’t have an iPad and would still like to participate please bring several sheets of printer paper, scissors, markers and a binder clip, rubber band or stapler. We will also work collaboratively to make a group animation project

Antler's Up!–An online version of our camp gameshow! Play, cheer, and win prizes.

Craft Club–Come join our counselors for some of your favorite craft projects.  Come with ideas, or come to be inspired!

Dance–Show off your moves and pick up a few more from your friends in this pop song dance party. We will be dancing and groovin and making up some of our own dances to Top 40 (who knows, might be the new tik tok craze). Dress in comfy clothes and make sure you have some room to move around.

Drawing–Feeling Artistic? Want to learn or share some drawing tips? This is the session for you!  No experience necessary, and all drawing levels welcome! 

Dungeons and Dragons–One of our on-staff Dungeon Masters will lead campers through an interactive adventure of the classic tabletop game.  Experience encouraged but not necessary!

Escape Room: Murray’s Mischief Missions –A collection of CAMP FRIENDLY, escape room games, scavenger hunts and cooperative challenges. Challenge yourself, can you solve the puzzles before you run out of time?

Fort Building–We all love a space to call our own and get away from it all. Campers will use supplies in their space to build crazy, amazing, and cozy forts. Staff will be on hand to help campers design their forts and offer building pointers throughout the process. Stuffed animals are encouraged to attend!

Gamer Grotto–You love video games and so do we, come share stories and strategy with fellow gamers *(Disclaimer, we want kids to share their passions however any video games that are rated Teen or Mature will not be permitted)

Games 'n Things–Nobody at home available to play? Join us for a game. Come play or learn a variety of games found in our game vault including board game classics and new favorites from collections like Kahoot!

Improv 101–Calling all theater kids. Join us to make up unbelievable stories on the spot. An opportunity to learn the basics of improv by playing fun games that teach the ins and outs of improv and also a real chance to just come take a break and be silly

Magic The Gathering–Find other kids who love MTG just as much as you. Or just hop on to learn the game. Have you been itching to play a game of Magic? Join our Magic Masters to play a game or be paired with another camper to get an online game of Magic going. Cards recommended, but if you are happy to watch and learn, feel free to join us. (Cards Must be MTG cards, not standard deck of 52 playing cards)

Music Club–Join our daily Music club for Karaoke, Music Appreciation, or anything else music related that campers and staff can dream up!

Pet Yoga–We’ll show you yoga poses. You show them to your pets. Giggles are guaranteed. We <3 our pets. Bring them to Pet Yoga where we introduce our pets and try to mimic their favorite poses while stretching our own bodies, you may also find your dog downward facing more than once *Pets optional, come for the cuteness stay for the yoga*

What's in my kitchen?–Grab 3 items and we’ll make up recipes for what you can do with that food. Almost like a Chopped for kids, campers will find three random ingredients/items from their kitchen and together as a group we will play around with the possibilities of what you can make with those three items  

Sports Skills–An opportunity for campers to showcase some of their sports acumen or talk about their favorite sports/players. We'll also share and discuss sports stats and classic rivalries and teams. Chicago Bulls ‘96, or Women's USA Soccer ‘95, anyone?! 

Flexible And Fair

Buy any number of Online Day Passes, use them anytime, and get a refund for unused Passes.

Each day we offer 5 hours of virtual camp activities. Each Online Day Pass allows kids to log on for as much or as little as they’d like during that window—they have unlimited access.


Kids 4 to 12
We recommend that children under 6 be with an older sibling, parent or helper.


Monday - Friday

3pm - 8pm EDT / 12pm - 5pm PDT


Per Online Day Pass/child.
Each Pass gets you unlimited access to our 5 hour day of activities.

The Schedule

Each day of the week we offer a variety of Online activities that kids can choose from in real-time. Children can hop in-and-out of these virtual camp activities as they please, or join one of our biweekly, live, online performances, shows, or workshops.

3pm EDT:
Nature Club | Gamer Grotto

4pm EDT:
Drawing | Music Club | Games 'n Things

5pm EDT
S&K Book Club | Fort Building | Animation

6pm EDT
Music Club | Improv | Nature Club

7pm EDT
Finding Chucky | Games 'n Things

3pm EDT:
Craft Club | Games 'n Things

4pm EDT:
Escape Room | What's in My Kitchen?! | Magic The Gathering

5pm EDT
Pet Yoga | Improv | Music Club

6pm EDT
Weekly Virtual Special! | Craft Club

7pm EDT
Escape Room | What's in My Kitchen?!

3pm EDT:
Craft Club | Sports Skills

4pm EDT:
Minnow Tank | Craft Club | Music Club

5pm EDT
Dance | Storytelling | Gammer Grotto

6pm EDT
S&K Trivia | Craft Club | Music Club 

7pm EDT
Minnow Tank | Games 'n Things 

3pm EDT:
Music Club | Improv

4pm EDT:
Sports Skills | Nature Club | Music Club

5pm EDT
Pet Yoga | Fort Building | Music Club

6pm EDT
Virtual Special! | What's in My Kitchen!? | Improv

7pm EDT
Book of Records | Magic The Gathering

3pm EDT:
Games 'n Things | Music Club

4pm EDT:
Craft Club | Animation | Dungeons & Dragons

5pm EDT
Open Mic | Music Club | Dungeons & Dragons

6pm EDT
Antler's Up!| Games 'n Things | Dungeons & Dragons

7pm EDT
Animation | Craft Club

Every Thursday we have a live, virtual performance or workshop including animal shows, magicians, karate, and more! And just like our other Online camp activities, you can log-in and join these live shows, whenever you want.


Halloween Extravaganza: Tuesday, October 27th at 6pm EDT 

Get in the Halloween spirit! We will be hosting a costume contest where you can have a chance to earn points towards winning the weekly grand prize. We will also listen to everyone's favorite Halloween songs and test your knowledge with some Halloween themed trivia!

Little Explorers– Spooky Animals: Thursday, October 29th 6pm EDT

Keep the Halloween spirit going and join us while we meet some "spooky" animals! We'll get the inside scoop on these creatures and learn why they're actually not so spooky. You might even fall in love with one of these animals with an unfortunately scary reputation.

Little Explorers– Animal Defenses: Thursday, November 5th 5pm EDT

We'll learn about the incredible ways that animals can defend themselves from predators! We'll even get up close and personal with a few live animals throughout the show!


My daughter was burned out on "virtual" class and camp but Steve and Kate's managed to bring the same zany fun of their in person camp to the online programs.

It was great to see kids from other Steve & Kate’s camps during virtual online camp. My daughter got to share her finger knitting skills she picked up at our S&K camp last year and was so proud! Also loved the Improv class which got my son out of his shell!

My daughter said she loved it because the online camp felt just like being in-person at Steve & Kate's!

At Steve & Kate’s Camp, Black Lives Matter.  Click here to see what we stand for and what we are doing about it.