STEVE & KATE'S PALO ALTO · DATES: June 10 - August 9, 2019 · ADDRESS: Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, 450 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto

Palo Alto Summer Camp

My goal at Steve & Kate's is to empower and support young people in their self-searches and self-discoveries. As a writer and creative artist, I can't think of anything more essential or inspiring than giving voice and vision to who we are, who we want to be, and how we strive to get there. As an educator, I believe in learning alongside youth, making mistakes and tackling tricky challenges shoulder-to-shoulder. I want to get hands-on with our heads and hopes up, and I am thrilled to thread myself through this camp community.

Daniella Shoshan, Self-Director
650-265-4152 |


Contact and Location

Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School,
450 San Antonio Road,
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Email Daniella:

Call or text Daniella:

Camp Dates

Summer: June 10 - August 9, 2019

No camp July 4, 2019.

Palo Alto Winter Break:  Dec 26 -28, 2018, Jan 2-4, 2019

Need more camp? Day Passes and Memberships can be used at any location.


When you arrive, please drive down to the fourth entry gate, and show your registration (if it's your first visit) to the security guard. You'll be given a sticker or window/windshield pass after that to speed things up. San Antonio Road may get a little backed up, but we'll move our process as lickety split as we can. 


  • Buy any number of Day Passes and use them anytime.
  • Get fully refunded for any unused Day Passes, automatically.
  • Fees include lunch, snacks and all hours 7:30am to 6pm.

Buy 1 or more

$110 per day

Buy 5 or more

$100 per day

Buy 20 or more

$90 per day


$2,700 per child

To learn more about our fees and how refunds work, check out the fees page.
Fees for our mentorship program are a little different; you can find those details on the mentorship page.


  • Our outdoor playing area is awesome! With a new turf field that's 96' x 115', we have tons of room for Sports, Specials, and summer spirit. This area is where we'll do water play and other Specials, as we try and keep noisier activities away from the second, rear-located field. And! Our entire campus is gated, so everyone's outdoor (and indoor) camp fun is safe & secure.
  • Parents and campers can expect water play approximately two afternoons per week (Tues. & Thurs.), and potentially more frequently if temps are running high.
  • In order to honor the traditions of the school, if you plan to supplement our food options with snacks from home, we ask that you not pack any meat or shellfish.
  • If you are not registered and are visiting camp for a tour during the summer, please inform the security guard who will connect you with a Steve & Kate's staff member to check-in as a guest. Note that tours are not available between 9:15am and 9:45am and 11:45am and 12:30pm.


  • When you arrive at camp, you’ll be greeted by our security guard at the 4th green entrance gate. On your first day of camp, please provide proof of registration at the gate (a print out or screenshot of your registration will do!). After you check-in to camp the first time, you’ll be provided a S&K car window slick for use on future days.
  • For check-out at the end of the day, you'll park and head into our Parent Lounge to wait until your camper is called for and ready to go home.
  • BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW FOR THE VIRTUAL ORIENTATION. This provides information relevant to all of our camp locations, including information and videos about how to check-in/check-out, what to bring (and not bring), and so much more.

Activities for every interest.

Whatever your child’s passion, they can push their limits at our camp.
Stop-motion animation, fashion, coding, breadmaking, sports, music, dance, and so much more.


Each day at camp, we offer at least one showstopper activity from our lineup of Recreational Features (formerly known as Specials). The Director at each location will decide when and how often to schedule each of their Recreational Features. When available, the scheduled Recreational Feature will be listed in the Daily Features schedule below.

    Inflatable Slip and Slide Add some slide to your stride and cool off in style with our giant inflatable slip and slide. Check with the Director or the schedule below to learn when it’s a water play day, and then all you need is a swimsuit and towel to hydrate-participate!


    Gaga - The name of the game and also how campers feel about it: Gaga! This fan fave is essentially a high energy dodgeball-style game played in an octagonal pit. There may be 8 sides to this arena, but one opinion...gaga!


    Zorb Racing - Get your Zorb on! Climb inside of one of these giant 10' inflatable hamster balls, and race down our inflated track to see who wins!


Throughout each week, we'll spice things up with featured workshops such as dance or improv; live shows like musicians or magicians; and large recreational equipment such as a Zorb Ball Racing and Electronic Go Carts. We generally schedule the most jaw-dropping Feature on Friday! Check back often for updates!


VG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free, SF = Soy Free, EF = Egg Free

Check out our Food page for full details on daily snacks and side dishes.

No items contain nuts or nut products. However, some may have been prepared in areas that also produce items with nuts.

Menu details coming soon.


We are truly pleased with Steve & Kate's Camp. It's the kind of camp I would have enjoyed going to as a kid; but back then, we got to be kids. We love everything it has to offer and [our son] looks forward to going everyday! I only have great things to say about the camp and how it is arranged/structured. Steve & Kate's Camp is a great fit for our family! 

Nichole W.

(S&K parent)

My kids love Steve and Kate's; they make strong friendships, they are able to feel the self efficacy of creation, and they learn more about what they enjoy doing when they have autonomy. Daniella always knew about everything that was going on with each camper and facilitated the camp experience to make sure that the students' voices were first and foremost. When my kids got out of the car each morning, they couldn't stop themselves from running to start their day at camp! 


(S&K parent)

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