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Things To Know Before Your First Day Of Holiday Camp


Check out the links below for important dates, site details, and drop off and pick up procedures. Families planning to attend camp in MA & CO must also download some super important state-required paperwork & return it before your first day of camp. Our lawyers told us so. If you’re attending any other location, don’t worry about this part.

Northern California
Southern California

Additional state-required paperwork must be submitted for every child before their first day of camp. Click here for the Colorado state required forms.

Spring Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures:


Additional state-required paperwork must be submitted for every child before their first day of camp. Click here for the Massachusetts state required forms.

Spring Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures:

New York

Manhattan Spring Camps: 

Our Manhattan Spring Break Camps are sponsored by Bright Horizons, and only available through Back-Up Care. Since the registration process is slightly different for these Bright Horizons Back-Up Care sponsored camps, please see this BUC Camp Orientation page for everything you need to know before your first day of camp!


Spring Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures:


Spring Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures:

Virtual Orientation


Camp life is needed more than ever—to make real connections in person. Also more than ever, we need to be totally in sync with camp families given all of the new safety precautions. That’s why we’ve developed this handy guide to get on the same page.

But before we jump into all the details about camp, we recommend watching this video with your campers to learn all about our camper responsibilities!

The Three Camp Responsibilities

Required Daily Express Check In

Families will be required to use Express Check In (ECI) before they arrive to camp each day. You can find this in your S&K online account. You’ll  also need to bring your camper’s QR code, similar to a boarding pass for a plane. 

Your camper’s QR code will be visible after you answer the required E questions each day before arriving. You can print your camper’s QR code and bring a paper copy each day, or snap a photo and bring it to camp on your.

Upon arrival, staff will scan your camper code, and take camper temps. As long as they are under 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they can cruise into camp.

In order to make sure any sick campers have someone to take them home, campers will need an adult over the age of 18 to drop them off each morning. They can, however, check themselves out at the end of the day though, with adult permission.

Stay Home If...

In order to help ensure the well-being of our campers and staff, please follow the guidelines below as to when your child should stay home from camp. These also represent instances when we will require a child to be picked up from Camp if they become ill while attending. If county guidelines mandate additional quarantine, testing or a medical release to return to care, Camp will follow whichever is most restrictive. Directors are kept up to date with county and CDC regulations.

  • Fever: At a minimum children must be fever-free (meaning an oral thermometer reads 100.4° or less, or an ear thermometer reads 101.4° or less (Cleveland Clinic – fever) for 24 hours, without the aid of fever-reducing medication, before they come to Camp. If our staff determine that a child has a fever, we will contact the child’s parent/guardian and ask that they pick the child up from Camp. If county guidelines mandate that a fever, or a fever in conjunction with other symptoms, warrants more than 24 hours quarantine we will follow whichever guideline is most restrictive.
  • COVID-19: Children should stay home if they have, or someone in their household has, any COVID-19 symptoms including: fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills, body aches, fatigue, headache, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of taste or smell or eye drainage or infection. If a child has been in close proximity (closer than 6 feet for more than 15 minutes, without wearing a face covering) to anyone who was experiencing any of the above symptoms, or who has experienced any of the above symptoms since being in contact with them, or tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting to receive test results, or are presumptively positive based on a health care provider’s assessment or symptoms they should also stay home for the amount of time recommended by your state’s Health Department.
  • Contagious illness/parasitic infection: If your child has a contagious illness, even without fever, beyond a mild cold (for example: pink eye, a contagious skin rash), or if your child has head lice/nits, please do not send your child to Camp. If we believe that a child likely has a contagious illness or head lice/nits, we will contact the child’s parent/guardian and ask that they pick the child up from Camp. You may send your child to Camp with a doctor’s note if their condition has been treated such that it is no longer contagious.
  • Diarrhea/vomiting: If your child has experienced diarrhea or vomiting within 24 hours before camp, please do not send them to Camp. The Camp is not equipped to handle cases of diarrhea or repeated vomiting except on an emergency basis, until the child can be picked up from Camp by a parent/guardian.

Safety Precautions

Staff and directors are trained to recognize COVID-19 signs and symptoms. If, at any point, campers exhibit symptoms throughout the day, they will be removed from the group and isolated following CDC guidelines until an adult can pick them up. Other families present at camp will be notified and encouraged to watch for symptoms, but will not be required to go home since we’re cleaning and distancing like pros. Campers can return after 24 hours, if they are fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medications (see above).

In the event of a confirmed COVID-19 case (of a camper or staff member on site) the director will immediately notify S&K Headquarters (HQ) and local health officials where appropriate. HQ will help determine a course of action for the program. In the event of a positive camper, all parents/guardians will be notified of the case via email and be asked to monitor their campers. Depending on local regulations, campers who are not symptomatic will be able to attend camp. 

Camp will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, and HQ will asses all health and safety procedures, site operations, and any need for increased monitoring and/or training. 

Plan for Care of Mildly Ill Campers 

All camp staff are trained in first aid and CPR. Staff will assess each mildly ill or injured camper. Parent/Guardians will be notified if symptoms or complaints warrant, or if the camper desires them to do so. The camper will be able to rejoin activities if symptoms/complaints and medical assessment allows.

Any injury to the head, face or neck will result in an immediate call to parents as a precaution. Staff are trained in concussion signs and symptoms and will monitor campers closely.

Procedure for Emergency Care 

All camp staff are trained in first aid and CPR. The closest staff member to the injured camper will ensure the child is safe and not in any immediate harm, offering basic first aid if needed, and call the Camp Director. The Director will assess the injured camper and make a plan for emergency care treatment. If needed, they will designate a staff member to call 911 immediately and the Director or the Assistant Director will notify the parent/guardian of the emergency. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached the emergency contact person(s) listed by the parent/guardian on the camper’s registration will be called in order. If the situation does not indicate an immediate 911 call, the camp director or assistant director will call the child’s parents/guardians and emergency contacts until someone can be reached or until such a time as emergency transport is deemed necessary. The director or assistant director will accompany the camper to the hospital until a parent, guardian or care taker arrives.


Based on current COVID guidelines and recommendations across the country, masks will be optional for campers & staff at all camp locations. Depending on local regulations, if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at camp, staff & children may be required to wear a mask for the exposure period following the positive case. Please be sure and have a mask on-hand in anticipation of this.

Mmmmmm. Food.

Campers will choose daily from cheese pizza as well as rotating local options. You can find your location’s menu when you complete Express Check In for that day of camp. A vegan or gluten free option can also be available upon request if coordinated with your local director in advance.

If you decide for any reason to pack a lunch or additional snacks, please leave out any products containing nuts or shellfish for the safety of other children who may have severe allergies. Each morning our check-in staff will check any foods brought from home for products containing nuts or shellfish. Any products or food items containing these ingredients will be sent back home.

Food Allergies:

Children with moderate or severe food allergies will receive their food items from a designated table, with an assigned staff member known as the ‘Allergy Expert’. Campers with severe allergies will be required to eat lunch at this designated table with the Allergy Expert, in order to help ensure the safety of our children with allergies. Campers with severe allergies are welcome to invite a friend to join them at the designated table.

Daily Game Plan

Camp opens at 8:00am each morning and closes at 6:00pm. For drop-off, there is no set time—feel free to roll out of bed whenever. For pick-up, anytime after 4:30pm is pretty common. If you come early, don’t be surprised if your child sends you home so they can stay longer!

Please be sure to check out your camp’s local drop-off & pick-up procedures, linked at the top of this page.

Ready For Pickup?

For campers to leave, they need to be picked up by someone who has been pre-authorized by you to do so. You can add pick up peeps by logging into your account or the primary account holder can call us at camp. To keep your kids the safest, we will be asking every individual to show ID when they pick up.

We HIGHLY recommend that you text camp when you are about 5-10 minutes away for a quicker pick up (and to help reduce those pesky lines). Where it’s possible, staff might even approach your vehicle and ask for ID through the window—a truly curbside pick up. You can find more details on your site’s specific drop-off & pick-up procedures linked at the top of this page.

To Bring Or Not To Bring

We’ve got most things covered – lunch, snacks, water, limitless fun, and so on. We’d love if you could send a labeled water bottle with your child, since it means less wasted plastic and a generally happier planet.

Optionally, campers can bring a face covering to wear whenever wanted. If you decide to bring lunch, please label it with your child’s name. Keep an eye out for email announcements from camp to see when we’re doing extra activities, since they might call for special things to bring.

If you’d like to pack extra layers of clothing, you’re welcome to do so, and we’ll have shelving available for storage. Please just add your child’s name to the tag so we can return anything that gets lost.

We encourage kids not to bring any personal items to camp (other than the ones mentioned above) so that they don’t get used or damaged by others who may think they are a camp item. We also don’t allow weapons, alcohol, illegal substances or animals on campus at any time (unless a service animal or part of a featured show). Want more info about our policy around camper belongings? You can find that here.

Have medications? Be sure to bring these in a labeled box or bag and in the original packaging. You’ll be asked to fill out a Medication Authorization form when checking in on Day 1. (Pro Tip: Print & fill out the form ahead of time, and bring it with you to save time your first day!) Meds will be kept in HQ and given by directors when needed. 

Visitors On Campus

Any adult performer or visitor who is on-campus (beyond our Curbside Check-in/out area) will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms like staff and campers, and escorted the entire time by one of our staff members. This is for the safety of all children in our care. Parents, guardians, or other pick-up people will not be permitted to come into camp—expect true curbside service.

Lost & Found

Lost and found items are kept on a clearly-marked shelf at camp. If you notice that your child has come home without a precious item, please contact your camp location immediately. To make it easier for everyone to find your kid’s stuff, be sure to label it. Items that have not been claimed by the end of the week are donated to a worthy cause the following Friday.

Gender Identity & Bathrooms

At Steve & Kate’s, we want to support all of our campers and create an environment where campers feel safe and respected. As such, we stand behind and support the ability of campers to use bathroom facilities and pronouns that align with their Gender Identity. And since we have campers that attend Steve & Kate’s that don’t identify as either a girl or boy, we strive to provide gender neutral or private restroom options. If gender neutral bathrooms are not possible at some locations due to the physical limitations, we will work with campers and parents to determine a safe and comfortable bathroom option.

Online Account

Your online account is a hub for all things camp. In addition to updating your information and adding Day Passes, your account is also where you’ll find all of your child’s creations. All finished music recordings, camper-created films, stop-motion animations, and images will be uploaded into your account for your viewing (and sharing!) pleasure. We also upload any action shots that were taken of your kid throughout the day. Grab a sneak peek while you are taking a break during the day, or wait until the evening for a grand viewing with the whole family.


Any unused Day Passes will be automatically refunded in full. If we owe you a refund after the camp season, we’ll take care of that automatically 10 business days after our last camp closes, or sooner if you paid with an electronic check (ACH). Refunds will usually come back to you in the same method you paid. It’s as easy as that. If you need a paper check refund instead, just let your local director know before the last day of camp.