The world is craving creativity.

Just ask the CEOs and world leaders who have said that creativity is the number one trait they’re looking for in new hires. All of the best jobs in the modern economy are going to people who have a proven track record of creative problem-solving.

Earn priceless creative experience.

When you work as a summer staff member at Steve & Kate’s, you get an immersive, fun, goal-based summer of creativity and play that will do more for your career than all of the bad coffee and photocopies in the universe, combined.

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Your summer of creativity


Craft a specific learning goal or project that you want to achieve during your summer experience with Steve & Kate’s.


Get progress updates and regular check-ins with Steve & Kate’s staff to help make sure you’re getting what you want out of your summer.


We’ll help you translate your summer experience into a resume and cover letter that shows you’ve got the creative skills that employers want.

Sound like fun?

If you want to spend your summer thinking on your feet and having the time of your life, get in touch with us. We don’t do online applications, but you can reach out to your local Self-Director who you can find on the Director’s location page.

Summer Leadership – If you think you have what it takes – the unique blend of management experience, customer service aptitude, logistics know-how, and a belief in our philosophy and approach – to join us to lead and create a self-directed summer learning experience for our campers, click below to learn more.

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