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OUR ANNUAL EQUIPMENT SALE HAS BEGUN! Check out all the awesome camp gear you’ve been eyeing all summer!

Each year, we sell the bulk of our inventory to make space for the next camp season. Some of the items we’ve made available for purchase include MacBooks, iPads, music equipment, sewing machines, kitchen appliances, sports equipment and more! Scroll through our online inventory, pay now to reserve what you’d like to buy, and pick up your purchase from the camp location on the date indicated below.



Check out our store locations and join our mailing list to be the first to know when our sale opens near you!

2022 Annual Equipment Sale Locations:

Feel free to browse our 2022 pick-up locations below, before we open our stores for this year’s sale. We’ll link each store here as soon as it’s live. You can also join our email list below to be notified when we open a sale near you!

Northern California
Southern California
  • Boston Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Somerville Equipment Sale Coming Soon
New Jersey
New York
  • Brooklyn – Cobble Hill Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Manhattan – Chelsea Equipment Sale
  • Manhattan – East Village Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Manhattan – Upper East Side Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Manhattan – Upper West Side Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Everett Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Kirkland Equipment Sale Coming Soon
  • Seattle Equipment Sale Coming Soon
Washington D.C.

You’ve got questions — We’ve got

What kinds of equipment do you sell?

Tablets, laptops, sewing machines, inflatable slip-n-slides, outdoor recreational equipment, chrome racks, video and music gear, kitchen equipment, and more!

How much of a discount is there on items?

Depending on the item it is discounted anywhere from 25 to 60%+ off the retail price.

How long have items been used at camp before being sold?

All items are purchased new in the spring before the camp season and used for 7-10 weeks at our sites. 

Do you offer shipping?

No we do not. All items purchased from us must be picked up at the camp location on the specific day and time the weekend right after camp ends. We are not able to hold items for individuals who can not pick-up. Exact pickup day & times can be found on each store's landing page. 

Do you offer discounts if I buy a lot?

You bet. For big spenders, you can get an additional 5-20% off our already low prices for orders of $2,000 or more. Use the following codes at checkout to receive these discounts:

  • total over $2,000 enter: VOLUME2K for 5% discount
  • total over $3,000 enter: VOLUME3K for 10% discount
  • total over $4,000 enter: VOLUME4K for 15% discount
  • total over $5,000 enter: VOLUME5K for 20% discount
Can I tell my friends?

Please! There’s really a ton of stuff to sell and we’d love to find a home for all of it.


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