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Why do our campers look extra-exhilarated?

Here’s one big reason: Because they choose their own activities and plan their own days. Everywhere you look, they’re absorbed in designing, building, creating, playing, eating, clowning — on their own schedule. And we’ve been doing it that way since 1980.

The real payoff, though, is what’s happening inside. When you empower kids to make their own choices and be their own bosses, they discover new reserves of confidence, resiliency, and creativity. At that point, they’re capable of pretty much anything…

Grown-ups adore freedom, too.

Now let’s talk hardcore convenience for you:

  • Buy any number of days to use whenever & wherever you’d like throughout the summer? Check
  • Or buy a Summer Pass for unlimited use? Of course.
  • Drop them off and pick them up whenever you want? Yup.
  • Long camp hours, 8am–6pm, all included in your camp fee? Totally.
  • Tasty meals and snacks, also included? You bet.
  • Get an automatic refund for unused days at summer’s end? For sure.
  • Do you desire this kind of freedom? Yes, you do.


Summer day camps for kids aged 4–12 (some states have slightly higher age requirements). Find your local camp to learn about details, activities, specials, and more.


Camp shouldn’t have an off-season. Find your local camp for fall, winter, spring & school breaks to learn all about our activities, specials, and more. Camp is for kids ages 4–12.

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Kind Words About Our Camps

"The children that attend Steve & Kate's blossom and discover a freedom of identity that, in a way, no other institution I've experienced has ever managed. Kids find their thumbprint at Steve & Kate's. My one complaint: Where were they when I was a kid?"
Andrew Stanton

Director of WALL-E, Finding Nemo, & Finding Dory

"If kids ruled the world, it might look something like Steve and Kate’s Camp."
Apple's Hot News

"Steve and Kate’s Camp didn’t set out to cater to the children of folks at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic and the like, but given their philosophy, it’s no surprise so many attend."
Variety magazine

"For families seeking a blend of that traditional camp experience combined with a modern, tech-savvy touch, there’s Steve and Kate’s Camp [which] evokes a laid-back aura true to its California roots, complemented by the company’s Silicon Valley-inspired innovative approaches to everything from programming to payment."
The Washington Post

"Working parents’ worries dissipate as they contemplate Steve & Kate’s model."
Chicago Tribune


Our organization is staffed top to bottom with people who share a talent for connecting with kids. We’re not about telling kids what to do. Our work is about showing them what can be done.


We celebrate the individual by enabling campers to express themselves freely, while staff cheer them on.

You’ve got questions — We’ve got

We know that choosing the right camp for your family is a big deal, and you’ve got limited time to make that decision. That’s why we put together these quick answers to our most commonly asked questions. But if you’d rather talk to a real, live person–we get it. Our camp directors work year-round and are happy to chat with you–just reach out!

What’s the age range for camp?

Our summer camp program is designed for children entering PreK through 7th grade. All campers must be 4 years old by their first day of camp, except for those in Colorado, Georgia, and Virginia, where campers must be 5 years old.

In addition to being a certain age, all campers must be fully toilet trained, able to speak up for their needs, and get through the camp day without a nap. Camp age limit is 13; if a camper turns 14 while attending summer camp, they may finish out the summer.

To ensure that all campers are properly trained for summer camp, please read our full Toilet Training Policy here.

Automatic full refunds? Are you joking?

We do like to kid, but we're serious about automatic refunds. Once a camp season has ended, we'll search through any accounts that have unused purchased Day Passes, and automatically refund them in full. If you purchased a Summer Pass, and don't end up using enough days to justify the cost, we'll calculate what you would have paid at the daily rate, and automatically refund you the difference.

Yes–we refund the full amount you paid.
No–there are no processing fees or anything like that.
Yes–we're serious!

I can’t find my camp’s dates, hours & location!

Yeah, you’re going to need those details! You can find all your local camp information including dates, hours, activities, and contact info, on your local camp page:

  • See all Summer Camp locations & dates, here.

  • See all Winter & Spring Camp locations & dates, here.

Are there any additional fees?

Nope, you won’t find any surprise fees hiding under your kid’s bed (though we still recommend checking for other monsters).

Our all-inclusive rates include:

  • All camp hours (8 AM - 6 PM)

  • Snacks and lunch

  • Any activities that interest your child

Plus, we’ll refund any unused purchased Day Passes at the end of the season. Learn more about our flexible fees and magical refunds here.

I registered! What’s next?

Excellent! After you’ve 1) completed your happy dance and 2) high fived everyone at an arm’s length, you’re pretty much all set.

Once it agets closer to the start of camp, we’ll email you a link to our Virtual Orientation, which will clue you in to everything you need to know for your kid’s first day.

Have questions now? You can get in touch with your local director, or check out last year's Virtual Orientation, here.

Yes, there is an actual Steve And an actual Kate

The year was 1980.

The place — Mill Valley, California. Even way back then, Steve and Kate Susskind saw kids’ precious independence slipping away. So they set out to do something about it. Their idea of a camp where kids rule the roost has been in a process of evolution and obsessive refinement ever since. Today, it’s spawned more than 70 glorious islands of freedom from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach.


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