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Steve & Kate's–part of the Bright Horizons Family

Since 1980 Steve & Kate’s has put kids in charge of their own learning experience at camp. Kids choose from a variety of activities in real-time, including sewing, stop-motion animation, coding & gaming, maker crafts, baking, sports & recreation, and more. Kids will choose what activities they want to participate in and for how long–designing their day as they go. There’s plenty of perks for parents, too. Families can reserve any number of days–no weekly sessions or commitments required! Lunch & snacks included daily.

And, as of March 2021, we’ve joined the Bright Horizons family to expand our programming and camp offerings. Families with Bright Horizons benefits can now access our camps via multiple channels throughout the year.

Ways To Join Camp

Depending on your company’s Bright Horizons benefits, there’s a few different ways you can join us at camp! To see your benefits, please visit My Bright Horizons.

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care users can reserve any number of days available in your Bright Horizons account at camp.


Virtual camp is available for select Bright Horizons users! Just like our in-person camps, kids will choose their activities in real-time.

Virtual camp is offered year-round, M–F, 9am–6pm ET. Learn more, here.

Bright Horizons EFS members will receive $10 off per day of camp. Or go for the whole shebang and get $300 off a Summer Pass. Just head to your My Bright Horizons benefits page and select ‘Steve & Kate’s’ to activate your discount. Learn more, here.

You can always purchase Passes directly through us to fill in any additional care needs! If your plans change, we’ll automatically refund any unused retail days in full at the camp’s end. No cancellations or advanced notice required.

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Kind Words About Our Camps

"If kids ruled the world, it might look something like Steve and Kate’s Camp."
Apple's Hot News

"For families seeking a blend of that traditional camp experience combined with a modern, tech-savvy touch, there’s Steve and Kate’s Camp [which] evokes a laid-back aura true to its California roots, complemented by the company’s Silicon Valley-inspired innovative approaches to everything from programming to payment."
The Washington Post

"The children that attend Steve & Kate's blossom and discover a freedom of identity that, in a way, no other institution I've experienced has ever managed. Kids find their thumbprint at Steve & Kate's. My one complaint: Where were they when I was a kid?"
Andrew Stanton

Director of WALL-E, Finding Nemo, & Finding Dory

"Steve and Kate’s Camp didn’t set out to cater to the children of folks at Pixar, Industrial Light & Magic and the like, but given their philosophy, it’s no surprise so many attend."
Variety magazine

Other Bright Horizons Benefits

If your employer offers Bright Horizons benefits, then you likely have access to these additional great perks from our friends at Sittercity, Bright Horizons, Jovie, and more!

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See your eligibility at My Bright Horizons.


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