STEVE & KATE'S MENLO PARK · DATES: June 17 - August 16, 2019 · ADDRESS: Synapse School, 3375 Edison Way, Menlo Park

Menlo Park Summer Camp

I am thrilled to be jumping into my fourth summer as a part of the Steve and Kate’s Camp team! While activities may change from summer to summer, our belief that kids can tackle any challenge never will. My hope is to create a community where campers have the chance to learn and expand their passions and interests; where they can choose what excites them and make it their own; where they can spend the day making music videos with old friends, or meeting new friends on the soccer field. I cannot wait to see what this summer has in store!

Alice Meyer, Self-Director
650-264-7831 |


Contact and Location

Synapse School,
3375 Edison Way,
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Email Alice:

Call or text Alice:

Camp Dates

Summer: June 17 - August 16, 2019

Check out Menlo Park Mid-Winter (Feb 18-22, 2019) and Spring Break (Apr 1-5, 2019) Break weeks

Need more camp? Day Passes and Memberships can be used at any location.


To sign your campers in and out of camp, please park in our lot and head to building two. We will have some signage on the street and in the parking lot to help point you in the right direction. During peak hours, we will be waiting for you right in our front lobby. If the front door is ever locked, please ring the doorbell and we'll be right there.


  • Buy any number of Day Passes and use them anytime.
  • Get fully refunded for any unused Day Passes, automatically.
  • Fees include lunch, snacks and all hours 7:30am to 6pm.

Buy 1 or more

$110 per day

Buy 5 or more

$100 per day

Buy 20 or more

$90 per day


$2,700 per child

To learn more about our fees and how refunds work, check out the fees page.
Fees for our mentorship program are a little different; you can find those details on the mentorship page.


  • Wednesday's will be water days! Please apply sunblock at home and send children with a bathing suit or change of clothes, and a towel.
  • Kindly keep all personal electronic devices and cherished items at home (we don't want any to get lost or damaged!) If campers have any devices or personal items that they must have at camp be sure to check them in at HQ in the morning so we can keep them safe. Campers are more than welcome to stop by HQ and access items whenever needed - and then check items out of HQ when its time to go home.
  • Our outdoor space is a completely enclosed turf area. The space isn't huge, but very comfortable, safe and welcoming. We'll have awesome activities running both inside and outside all summer long!


  • We ask that each camper bring a labeled, reusable water bottle daily. We don't have built in water fountains on site, so having a water bottle will help cut down on how many plastic cups we use. 
  • Much of our space is inside and air-conditioned! Campers might want to have a sweater just in case they are chilly while working in the studios. 
  • Please be sure that whoever is picking your camper up brings their ID everyday. We need to see it before we can let your camper go home! 
  • BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW FOR THE VIRTUAL ORIENTATION. This provides information relevant to all of our camp locations, including information and videos about how to check-in/check-out, what to bring (and not bring), and so much more.

Activities for every interest.

Whatever your child’s passion, they can push their limits at our camp.
Stop-motion animation, fashion, coding, sushi, sports, music, dance, and so much more.


Each day at camp, we offer at least one showstopper activity from our lineup of Recreational Features (formerly known as Specials). The Director at each location will decide when and how often to schedule each of their Recreational Features. When available, the scheduled Recreational Feature will be listed in the Daily Features schedule below.

    Giant Blue Building Blocks - Briefly putting the digital on pause, this analog mode of design harnesses the power of the original creative catalyst: imagination! Epic in size and limitless in scope, the Giant Blue Blocks bolster building up, breaking down, brainstorming and banishing boredom with an array of architecture. With connectors, angular extenders and curved cogs, these faves can elevate or complicate to fascinate any age.


    Gaga - The name of the game and also how campers feel about it: Gaga! This fan fave is essentially a high energy dodgeball-style game played in an octagonal pit. There may be 8 sides to this arena, but one opinion...gaga!


    Aquablaster - Get pepped and prepped to get pumped - and get going! The Aquablaster is a head-to-head sprint for splash, as two competitors race to be the first to fill and then explode a water balloon over the other. It’s a rush to make it rain and cool down with the quickness. Check with the Director or the schedule below to learn when it’s a water play day, and then all you need is a swimsuit and towel to hydrate-participate!


Throughout each week, we'll spice things up with featured workshops such as dance or improv; live shows like musicians or magicians; and large recreational equipment such as a Zorb Ball Racing and Electronic Go Carts. We generally schedule the most jaw-dropping Feature on Friday! Check back often for updates!


VG = Vegetarian, GF = Gluten Free, DF = Dairy Free, SF = Soy Free, EF = Egg Free

Check out our Food page for full details on daily snacks and side dishes.

No items contain nuts or nut products. However, some may have been prepared in areas that also produce items with nuts.

Menu details coming soon.


I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciated your staff, never a frown, never grumpy, everyone knew my kid, never was anyone off their game. Your entire model is impressive…. Thank you for giving my kid the opportunity to have an epic summer!

Shannon C.

(S&K parent)

It's great to pick up your kid from camp with a smile and excited about the day they spent doing various activities. Staff was wonderful and not having to think about food was such a relief.

Christian K.

(S&K parent)

I was so happy that my two daughters could be together whenever they wanted. I love that they can just have fun and be kids!

Martha H.

(S&K parent)

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