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Minneapolis Summer Camp

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School, 5435 11th Ave S. Minneapolis, MN 55417


Minneapolis Summer Day Camp

All year long, kids find themselves encased in rigid structure.

When summer comes, we give them what they desperately need — freedom to expand and evolve. At Steve & Kate’s, campers choose which activities they do, whom they do it with and for how long. For kids, this experience is pure joy. It’s also a kind of training ground for life, where they’ll need to be empowered and independent and resilient and responsible for their own decisions. Happy human-ing starts here.

Grown-ups adore freedom, too.

We’ve described the magical gift you give your kids when you empower them to make their own decisions. Now let’s talk hardcore convenience for you:

  • Buy a Summer Pass and send your kid to camp any day you want? Check.
  • Drop them off and pick them up whenever you want? Yup.
  • Long camp hours, all included in your camp fee? Totally.
  • Tasty meals and snacks, also included? You bet.
  • Get an automatic refund for unused days at summer’s end? For sure.
  • Do you desire this kind of freedom? Yes, you do.

The camper’s dilemma.

Coding. Sewing. Baking. Making. Sporting. Lounging. Every day, campers face the excruciating task of choosing from these and many more engrossing activities. Some select a mix of many. Others burrow deep into one or two. Every morning, they face a brand new day bristling with terrible trade-offs and tantalizing possibilities.



Create animated art in our bustling Media Lab, as you breathe life into your stories via stop-motion “shorts” filmed on our purpose-built animation stages.
Copy of fashion_28


Use customized patterns and challenges—and a mix of hand and machine sewing—to manufacture bags, clothing and other fashionable, funky creations. This year campers can even use stencils to design their own fabric.


Absorb hands-on coding concepts using curated iPad apps with drag-and-drop platforms that cater to both early and advanced readers. Our approach gamifies the learning process to put power in the hands of new coders.


Move and groove with motion-based games like Just Dance, or film your own music videos with friends. New this year campers can also make puppets for our custom theater. Want to burst out in song and dance, or act out a gripping dramatic scene? This is your big moment.


Leverage leading-edge robotic technology to empower your learning and problem-solving. Choose from guided activities and self-directed games, plus tools like robot landscapes and custom mazes.


Bake up a storm in our wildly popular test kitchen. Choose fillings, spices, and add-ons, explore new flavors, and customize confections to satisfy your discerning palate.


Release your inner innovator with crafts, inventor kits, 3D pens, and giant foam blocks. Construct take-home projects or collaborate on large-scale builds such as forts or thrones. Our hand-selected STEAM-based materials fuel your curiosity and inspire exploration.
piethrowing_7 (2)


Participate in decades-old Steve & Kate’s traditions like Find Chuckie—our beloved, elusive, rubber chicken—and Friday Pie-Day—where you can cap off a productive week by treating friends and camp staffers to a refreshing pie in the face.


Run, jump, throw, kick, play. Each site is equipped with go-karts and additional athletic gear optimized for the available fields and play spaces. Team up with peers and staffers to play sports, design games, concoct obstacle courses and more.


Every day, experience a special, show- stopping activity. A giant inflatable, a musical performance or guest speaker, a movement class, obstacle course—anything’s possible. We’ll announce our official 2024 specials lineup this spring.


On a sweltering summer afternoon, nothing keeps you cooler than games and activities like water tag, inflatable slip n’ slides and giant sprinklers. Wherever space, weather, and local water restrictions allow ‘em, we provide ‘em.
lounge_2 (1)


Enter a pulsating paradise of foosball, marble mazes and other indoor diversions. Retreat to a quiet corner with sensory objects, puzzles and fidget toys. Or immerse yourself in a selection from our library of books curated for all ages and interests.

Extra action.

At Steve & Kate’s, enough is never enough. So every week we supplement our main offering of awesome activities with thrill-inducing weekly specials. Here’s what’s coming this summer to your location:

June 10-14

Inflatable M-TH: Bounce Castle

Thursday June 13: KidoKinetics will guide us through Ninjaplay- campers will develop skills around stability, agility, balance, jump distance and more.

Friday ONLY Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

June 17-21

Inflatable T-TH: 5&1 Inflatable, slide, hoop and climber!

Wednesday June 19: Bring something white to add some color to (shirt, socks, bandana)! We will be tie-dying.

Monday & Friday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

June 24- June 28

Inflatable T-TH: Dual Slide

Thursday June 27: Magician Bob Miller will amaze the campers at his magic show!

Monday & Friday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

July 1-5

*Closed July 4th!*

Inflatable T&W: Bungee Run

TBD (based on weather): Bring your appetite- we are going to make S’mores using our very own camper designed solar cookers. We just need Mr. Sun to cooperate!

Monday & Friday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

July 8-12

Inflatable T-TH: Pirate Combo- Slide & bounce house!

Wednesday July 10: Dazzling Dave the National Yo-Yo Master will join us to perform a spectacular show full of tricks and tips with Yo-Yos and spin tops!

Monday & Friday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

July 15-19

Inflatable T-TH: 56 foot obstacle course

Wednesday July 17: Your Bearded Artist will join us to lead us in painting some summer fun scenes!

Monday & Thursday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

Friday Talent Show- Prepare a solo act or one with friends to WOW your fellow campers! Campers must sign up to perform their act earlier in the week. Props from home are welcome!

July 22- 26

Inflatable T-TH: 5&1 Inflatable, slide, hoop and climber!

Thursday July 25th: Snake Discovery will be visiting camp and bringing their slimy and slytherin friends!

Monday & Friday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

July 29- August 2 

Inflatable T-TH: Noah’s Ark Obstacle Course

Wednesday July 31: Safari Bob from the Sustainable Safari will be visiting with five of his special animal friends.

Monday & Friday Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

Aug 5-8

Inflatable T-TH: 3&1 Combo

Monday ONLY Water Play: Pack a swimsuit, towel, and water shoes to participate in our giant slip N slide and water games!

Thursday: Karaoke Twin Cities will be bringing the tunez for our very first Karaoke Party at Steve & Kate’s! Get ready to sing your heart out to your favorite songs!


On the last day of camp we’ll trade in our traditional activities for a giant end-of-summer celebration! Get excited for carnival games, extra treats, and plenty of chances to win prizes!

Inflatables: 3&1 Combo,  30 foot obstacle course, & Twister & Dunk Tank

It’s our last day Carnival! Carnival games, wacky challenges, arts n crafts, snow cones, double gameshow and Magician-Matt Dunn!

Youngest campers fly solo, but there’s a net.

Most kids take to life at Steve & Kate’s like the naturally hardy individuals they are. For some, especially our younger campers, it can take a little longer to get their wings. That’s why each camp has staff dedicated specifically to supporting our youngest campers. Helping these campers discover their camp magic is the whole point of our Youngest Camper Support Staff, and every time it’s exhilarating to behold.


Eat your heart out.

Life without delicious food sucks. That’s why our cuisine de camp features a mouth-watering array of tasty, nourishing grub. In partnership with local restaurants and caterers, we keep kids fired up with food they love — from crunchy quesadillas to salubrious Caesar salads to tangy tomato soup, and mucho more. Our menus include daily specials, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and healthy snacks kids can grab whenever their fuel gauge dips into the red. Whenever humanly possible, we serve organics. Chomp, chomp. Munch, munch.

What’s on the menu.


What camp costs.

Perhaps you are a grown-up who loves to plan. Or maybe you’re an expert of the fine art of logistical improvisation. Miraculously, our camp fees are designed to scratch both of your respective itches. Buy any number of Day Passes or a Summer Pass, and use them whenever you want during the summer. Don’t even bother to let us know when you’re coming — just roll up. If your plans change, don’t sweat it. We’ll automatically refund your unused Passes in full at summer’s end. How many other camps can offer you that level of flexibility?* *Not one that we know of.

Day Pass and Summer Pass fees cover the entire Steve & Kate’s experience, including lunch, snacks, activities and the entire day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We offer need-based financial aid to qualifying families, too. Learn more and submit an application here.

Includes: Lunch, snacks, activities, and all hours, 8am–6pm

  • Buy any number of Day Passes and use them anytime
  • Upgrade to a Summer Pass at any time by purchasing 30 Day Passes per a given child
  • Unused Day Passes are automatically refunded in mid September


Includes: Lunch, snacks, activities, and all hours, 8am–6pm

  • One fee covers the entire summer–that’s up to 44 days of camp in Minneapolis!
  • If you purchase a Summer Pass and use less than 30 days of camp, we’ll calculate what you would have paid at the Day Pass rate and refund you the difference automatically in mid September


Camp details

Here are the details you were looking for.


Jun 10 - Aug 9


Closed 7/4


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


4-12 | We also offer a Mentorship Program for ages 14-15


Our Lady of Peace Catholic School
5435 11th Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417





Additional info for denizens of Minneapolis

Mentorship Program

We’re excited to offer our Mentorship Program at this camp location for Summer 2024!

Intended exclusively for children ages 14-15, our Mentorship Program is an experience where participants can get a taste of what it’s like to be a counselor and develop leadership skills, while upholding our self-directed philosophy.

With the supervision of Steve & Kate’s staff, Mentees (our program participants) will help facilitate camp activities, engage with campers, and help encourage camper connection and participation. The program utilizes self-directed learning to support Mentees in their development into young adults ready to take on more responsibilities.

Mentorship Rates:

Mentorship Day Pass Rate: $80
Mentorship Summer Pass Rate: $2,400
Returning Mentees: $0

Per usual, any unused Mentorship Day Passes will be automatically refunded in full at summer’s end. If you purchase a Mentorship Summer Pass and end up using less than 30 days of camp, then we’ll calculate what you would have paid at the daily rate and refund you the difference automatically.

Mentorship Application

To participate in the Mentorship Program, please submit an application here. Please note that Mentees must attend the camp location they apply for. Once approved, your local director will email you with instructions for completing registration. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local director.

Additional State Required Paperwork & Notices

The state of Minnesota requires that any children attending camp in Minneapolis complete additional paperwork. Upon completion of registration, you will be emailed a link to complete the required forms online.

Minneapolis Water Bottle Notice

Per local health department requirements, we are unable to allow reusable water bottles at camp. We will have plenty of  single-use cups and water coolers with ice available for your camper throughout the day. We will also make sure all campers are taking plenty of water breaks.

Virtual Camp Orientation & Drop-off/Pick-Up Procedures

Check out our virtual camp orientation for everything you need to know before your first day of camp, coming this spring. Once we get closer to summer, we’ll email registered families a link to our virtual, camp orientation. This will provide important information such as camp drop-off & pick-up procedures, how to check-in and check-out of camp each day, what to bring (and not bring), and a few more camp details.

Campus & Accessibility Details

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School is ADA-accessible

USDA food guidelines

View USDA Food Guidelines here.

Policies and Procedures

View Policy and Procedures here.


These people are very smart. You should listen to them.

I really like that you've carved out something truly unique - a completely low-stress experience for parents. No pre-planning, no need to make lunch, no need to decide which days to attend, automatic refunds. It took some stress out of planning our summer.
Dan C.

(S&K parent)

Want to see more reviews or add your own kudos? Check us out on Google, Yelp, or Facebook!

Even though there are so many kids, she was able to put a personal touch to it by remembering every kid’s name, being open to suggestions as well as remembering to remind my 4 year old daughter to go to the bathroom! My daughter had so much fun making a dress for her bear, making bread, dancing, playing with the weekly specials and the list goes on and on.
Elaine C.

(S&K parent)

Want to see more reviews or add your own kudos? Check us out on Google, Yelp, or Facebook!

It's great to pick up your kid from camp with a smile and excited about the day they spent doing various activities. Staff was wonderful and not having to think about food was such a relief.
Christian K.

(S&K parent)

Want to see more reviews or add your own kudos? Check us out on Google, Yelp, or Facebook!


So much more than
a job.

For our team members, giving kids the space to liberate their true potential becomes a kind of calling. Think of them as a high-energy, warm-hearted crew of child advocates who deftly balance two invaluable skills — that of providing structure and guidance, and that of staying the heck out of campers’ ways. If that’s not enough, they’re all background-checked and trained in CPR and first-aid. Say “hi” to them at camp — they’d love to meet you.


Steve & Kate's Events

Join us at an upcoming virtual Information Session to learn all the camp basics. We’ll give a quick presentation and overview on our program, and then answer any questions you have. Please note that Information Sessions are open to all Steve & Kate’s Camps, and are not specific to any given location. All Information Sessions are listed in ET.

Local Events

Your camp director

Meet your illustrious camp director.

Our camp directors are year-round employees. That means you are free to contact them anytime with your questions about life at Steve & Kate’s, or questions about life in general.

Natalie R



Natalie became a director in 2021 at our Minneapolis camp but joined Steve & Kate in 2018! When not at camp, you can usually find Natalie at a Minnesota Twins game with her family.

This year, Natalie is most excited to make this the best summer ever for all the kiddos at camp!

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