Our Mentorship Program

You don’t learn leadership in a self-help book, or on a college exam. You learn leadership by doing it.

That’s why we developed our mentorship program. Because we believe that our judgment-free camp environment is the perfect safe space to help teens develop their leadership skills, and have fun along the way.

Designed exclusively for our older campers (entering 8th grade and above), the Steve & Kate’s mentorship program offers the chance to lead, and be led. Mentees will get the chance to show younger campers the ropes, while also getting behind-the-scenes access to camp staff, who will guide them as role models.

(Note: Mentees are considered campers, not staff, and are not paid for participating in the program. Having said that, we do offer a big-time discount on their camp experience as a thanks for participating!)

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What will mentees do at camp?

  • Develop leadership skills such as organization, conflict resolution, time management, empathy, patience, and communication through scaffolded activities, reflection, and discussions with a mentor counselor, all under the close supervision of our staff.
  • Observe and assist counselors as they guide new campers through their first day of camp. Mentees will learn about empathy as they help younger children face any nervous feelings that come up from being in a new environment.
  • Learn customer service and management skills by observing counselors greet and interact with families at check-in and Camp HQ.


This program is for teens (entering 8th grade and older) and the minimum time commitment is one week.

How do the fees work?

Mentees receive a significantly reduced rate at camp. While the Mentorship program does require at least a commitment of one week to start, we still offer much of the same flexibility as with our normal camper fees after that. Simply buy any number of Mentorship Day Passes (minimum of 5) and use them during the time agreed upon with the staff at your local site. In the event that plans change unexpectedly, unused Mentorship Day Passes will be automatically refunded in full at summer’s end.

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