A Vetted Counselor In Your Home Whenever You Need One

After 40 years of running camp, one thing we have a knack for is finding caring counselors who are ready to roll up their sleeves, play hard and champion kids’ inherent passions. Now, this pool of people is available for families to bring into their homes. 

A counselor can supervise up to 4 kids—grades K through 7—from any number of families when a parent is around and up to 2 families when parents are out and about. They’ll support distance learning from school (when relevant), supply lunch and snacks, and roll in with a bag o’ supplies to lead play-based activities for the rest of the day.

How It Works

Pair Up with another family

Expand your bubble up to 4 kids (grades K-7) from any number of families when a parent is present and up to 2 families when parents are out and about.

Book A Counselor Online

Book a counselor for any number of refundable days, Monday-Friday, that you need.

How you divvy up costs with the other family is up to you.

Counselor Comes to you

Our counselor shows up at your home for an 8 hour day—exact times between 8 am and 6 pm are confirmed in the booking process.

They’ll help with distance learning, lead activities, and even get lunch and snacks delivered included in the fee.

A Day Of Play (And Distance Learning Too)

Just like at our in-person camps, kids are in charge. Our counselors come equipped with supplies and ready to play, but ultimately the kids control the agenda.

Our counselors support kids in their respective online school offerings and once that bit of business is taken care of, the play begins. Counselors bring stuff like: art supplies, a custom animation station, an iPad loaded with multi-media apps, games, cardboard construction supplies, water play, sports equipment, and they'll take kids on adventures in the neighborhood if parents give us the green light.

Counselors also get lunch and snacks delivered—included in the fee. Lunch items differ by region, but generally include sandwiches, avocado sushi, salads, and microwavable meals (when allowed by the host family). 

Vetted Counselors

All counselors are background checked and CPR/First Aid Certified as you’d expect. More importantly, they are all hand selected by our experienced camp directors who know how to pick ‘em. They also get ongoing training and support from those same directors. In the booking process, you can read bios and see pics of our counselors.

Want to connect with a Director to talk more? Find contact info here.


All of our staff will be required to wear a face covering that covers their nose and mouth (not a face shield) at all times during the day, setting an example for campers.

Campers will be required to do so when they are unable to physically distance from other people (at a park or on a walk) unless they are able to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance at all times, unless they are eating or drinking or it is contraindicated per CDC recommendations.

It is recommended that campers wear a mask at all times in order to reduce exposure further but not required in the home. Parents are free to require mask wearing in the home if they’d like and should let the counselor know if campers need reminders.

Any adults in the home will be asked to wear a face covering, covering their nose and mouth, if they are going to be in the same room as our staff for an extended period of time (more than ten minutes). 

Health Screening

All staff and campers will complete a daily health screening questionnaire that covers the questions outlined by the CDC (i.e. symptoms, contact with individuals, etc), as well as have their temperature taken daily, prior to the start of at home care, to ensure it is below 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 

We're still evaluating testing options but are 100% committed to the health and safety protocols listed above (limiting exposure of staff, daily temp checks and health screenings, etc.).

Counselor Contact

Staff will only serve a maximum of 12 children in a 14 day period (similar to local camp regulations). Parents will be given the opportunity to select who they would like to have come as their Counselor at Home and are able, and encouraged, to book the same person as often as possible. 

At the moment we're starting off with offering the full 8 hour day in order to provide full-time care for families that need it and ensure our employees can have full-time work. However, we are hearing from families that there is an interest in partial days. This is a whole new area for us (and you!) so we're trying to better understand the needs as we fully flesh this out. If you would be interested in only having a staff member for 4-6 hours, please send an email to 

We can't say for certain if our program will meet the criteria for your dependent care / FSA as each benefit administrator has different rules. What we can say is that, in our experience, our camp programs have qualified for FSA / Dependent Care in the past and we are able to provide a detailed receipt with dates of care and our Tax ID number for families to use to submit to their company's benefit administrator. 

Flexible and Fair—Only Pay For What You Use

Book any number of days you’d like—there are no minimums. You can even cancel a booking anytime before 6 pm the day before, and we’ll refund you the day or reschedule—your call.

$380/Day For Up to 4 Kids

Fee is all inclusive—covers 8 consecutive hours to be booked between 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays, materials, lunch and snacks from Whole Foods or local restaurants—depending on availability—for up to 4 kids. A counselor can supervise up to 4 kids from any number of families when a parent is home (in another room is fine) and up to 2 families when parents are out of the house.

Locations and Launch Dates

Oakland/Berkeley: Starting August 31
Peninsula: Starting August 31
San Jose Area: Starting August 31
San Francisco: Starting August 31
Valley Village/Studio City/Sherman Oaks Area: Starting August 31
Pasadena: Starting August 31
Chicago: Starting September 14
Alexandria/Arlington: Starting September 14
Manhattan: Starting September 14
Brooklyn: Starting September 14
Montclair/Verona Area: Starting September 14

Get First Crack At Booking Counselors With Refundable Deposit

Official bookings begin at least 1 week prior to each locations’ respective launch date. With a refundable deposit of $380, you can get first crack at booking counselors when the window opens. Click below to answer a few quick questions about yourself and then we’ll email you a link to make a refundable deposit.

Questions & comments? You can find contact information for the Director in your region.

For general questions, you can contact Steve & Kate's HQ at or 415-389-KIDS.